Lero's Ladies' Park at Lazareti

Date created: 15.08.2022.

A recognizable reflection of the art scene of Dubrovnik, the Lero Student Theatre will be putting on their play Ladies’ Park directed by Davor Mojaš for the festival audience tonight and tomorrow, 15 and 16 August at 9.30 p.m. at the Lazareti.

The play Ladies’ Park is an imaginary album of pictures and scenes of its lost and lonely owners, unknown women and their sorrows, forebodings, sufferings and silence. It is a separated scrapbook of faded pages that reminds, admonishes and evokes long-forgotten loves, dreams, silenced passions, longings and infatuations that have hid in the shadows of the City.

Along with the director Davor Mojaš, the creative team consists of set designer Mato Brnjić, costume designer Dubravka Lošić, composer Petar Obradović, and lighting and sound designer Antonio Ljubojević. The costumes were made possible by Marija Glamočanin, technical management by Mato Brnjić, production and organization by Ksenija Medović, and graphic design by Nora Mojaš. The play features Jasna Held, Ksenija Medović, Zvončica Šimić, Rela Petric, Barbara Damić and Dubravka Mrvelj.

Dubrovnik-born Davor Mojaš is as a theatre director almost entirely tied to the Lero Student Theater where he directed some sixty plays, twenty original projects, and dozens of stage programs since 1975, putting up works of great artists such as Chekov, Brecht, Beckett, Ionesco and many others, as well as his own original works since 1990. Mojaš had his plays performed regularly at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and at other esteemed national and international culture festivals. He is also a prolific author, having published a collection of poems, several plays, memoirs, books of prose, a graphic-literary map, and edited a monograph of the Lero Student Theater, published numerous literary, essay and non-fiction texts as well as feuilletons in Croatian magazines as well as prose and drama for the Croatian Radio. For 33 years, he was a journalist and editor for the Croatian Radio in Dubrovnik. In 2017, he received the award of the City of Dubrovnik.

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