Letter from the Artistic Director ahead of 73rd Festival

Date created: 20.06.2022.

Let me come in! I come frozen
From walls and windows!
Open up roofs and hearts
Where I can warm myself!
I am cold! My ashes
Of dreaming metal
Seek the crest of fire
Through mountains and through streets.

For I want to enter a breast
Where I can warm myself!
Let me come in, oh, let me in!

Federico García Lorca,
Blood Wedding


The excitement surrounding the final preparations for the Festival always includes paying close attention to each and every detail. Programme booklets are being printed, souvenirs produced, the Festival Palace opens its door to the public, auditoriums and stages are being set up, costumes sewn and pianos tuned while actors, musicians, directors and other participants hone their skills to be at their best once the Festival starts.

And as Lorca’s Moon seeks refuge in Man, and as the wind once more brings the Necromancer to ‘show us some nice things’, we, the Festival staff − and there are so many of us − do our best to contribute to this magical moment when people get together, exchange experiences and sometimes even share hearts.

Now, as the world gets better, this task is an even greater honour and, with 40 different events at 16 venues, a cherished and solemn obligation.

Dora Ruždjak Podolski, Artistic Director