Linđo Folklore Ensemble took the Gradac Park stage

Date created: 20.08.2022.

The Linđo Folklore Ensemble held a performance last night, 19 August in Gradac Park, their second at the 73rd Dubrovnik Summer Festival, to the delight of a large audience of both keen locals and curious foreigners.


The Linđo Folklore Ensemble has been an essential part of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival programme since 1967, and this summer they recorded two festival performances, first on 3 August and the other last night, 19 August, both in Gradac Park. Despite a less than favourable forecast, the weather brightened up and Linđo took the stage once again, proving why their performances are festival favourites of both domestic and foreign audiences. This season’s repertoire included the Happy Days in Markuševec traditional wedding music, Dances of Posavina, Dances of Valpovo (Bizovac) and the most popular dance of the Dubrovnik Littoral from which the Ensemble got its name – Linđo, whose lively movements are accompanied by the traditional string instrument of the region called lijerica. Also performed were the Dances of Baranja, Old Dances of Split, the swift and almost virtuosic figures of Dances of Zaprešić while the Dances of Bunjevci were the conclusion of the show with their signature circle dance in which boys compete in inventiveness to attract girls, achieving unique sound and rhythm effects with bells on their shiny boots. The musical numbers provided a delightful flair, with performances by Linđo’s Male, Female and Mixed Vocal Ensembles (the uniquely Croatian traditional ensembles called klapa). As to be expected with Linđo, loud applause followed each number and, aside from the Linđo dance, last night the Dances of Bunjevci elicited vigorous claps and cheers so the Ensemble performed parts of the circle dance to thank their audience.