Linđo To Traditionally Take Place at This Year's Festival

Date created: 23.07.2014.

Linđo has for decades been an unavoidable part of the Festival’s programme, and this year is no exception. This multiple times awarded ensemble, listed amongst the finest European Folklore groups, will therefore be performing a sumptuous palette of folk dances and songs from all around Croatia. Linđo proudly presents international and national audiences with the cultural wealth of our region by dancing and performing in original costumes of great value. The dance programme consists of the littoral Linđo, dances of Bunjevci, Međimurje and Baranja, along with the Wheel-dance of Vrljika, amongst others.

Linđo will be performing on the Fort Revelin Tarace again on 30th July, as well as on the 8th, 18th and 23rd of August. The performances will, without a doubt, attract numerous international, along with national guests interested in Croatian heritage and folklore.