Literary Evening with Alessandro Baricco Tonight at the Festival

Date created: 31.07.2014.

Italian author Alessandro Baricco is the first author presented to this season’s Festival audience through the “Writers at the Festival” programme. The premiere performance of “Several imaginary scenes inspired by the novel Ocean Sea by Alessandro Baricco” created in collaboration of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Croatian Writers Association, HNK Varaždin, Italian Institute for Culture in Zagreb and the Italian Embassy in Zagreb, featured the appearance of the author himself, who expressed his satisfaction with what he had seen at yesterday’s press conference held in the Festival’s Palace. He praised the actors which took part in this project and noted that it seems that they were well-suited for their roles. Although his works have been set up on scenes around the world, this is the first time Baricco has ever seen an adaptation of his novel “Ocean Sea”.

“I sat in that enchanting place and felt good. An author often feels uneasy, even bad when watching his own adapted scripts. I am, of course, very much involved in that story - these are, after all, my own characters, my own creations, and it is therefore hard to be objective. However, I can say I felt good watching this adaptation from the audience.” – revealed Baricco.

He noted that this is his first time in Dubrovnik, as well as in Croatia, and is enjoying his stay. “Dubrovnik reminds me of those beautiful little Italian towns with a rich historical background full of stories and legends. I’m hoping all manage to discover as much as possible.” 

Alessandro Baricco is a writer, essayist, music critic, television host, screenwriter, theatrical and film director, as well as being one of Europe’s most well-known authors, whose works have been translated into 30 languages. He has received six European awards.