Date created: 26.08.2014.


24-26 Aug 2014 Sofia, Bulgaria
30 Aug 2014 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik: 30. Aug. 2014 / 21:00  duration about 60min
Zagreb  : 2. Sept. 2014 / time of start 21:00  duration about 60min
Dubrovnik  : Art radionica Lazareti / Art Workshop Lazareti
Zagreb  : Amadeo theater(Croatian Natural History Museum)



MuDA was formed by several solo artists from various genres of art, centered around QUICK (dancer/choreographer/direcor) in summer 2010.
Building their lives around Kyoto, Japan, such members include Toru Yamanaka (composer/DJ) and Shinta Inoue (contemporary artist/art director).The group's goal is to reach unknown territory by pursuing the physical and sensory limits, and overcoming the ultimate state of limitations. Under the theme of anima, physics, universe, ritual, and stress, MuDA gives genreless performances using various art forms such as dance, music, screen image, fine art, and martial art.

The universe in which we exist is limitless, and immeasurable.Innumerable, inexplicable things suddenly happen with no questions asked.Collisions and explosions are repeated, impacts are made, and stress is transferred to something else,and it keeps expanding to the next.In that universe, in these days with no explanation, humanity moves towards something as tremendous as the universe, like one's dream and desire.Many of us cannot live deep in a mountain alone. We can't cure one's sickness or injury in the blink of an eye.We can't live alone, nor live without material things.Many people in this society get stressed by facing vast issues and information, fighting, inspiring and being inspired, which at the same time leads to anxiety, complaint, repression, and interruption.It's of course hard to move forward with this stress. It's so hard that sometimes it makes you stuck, makes you remain standing there or collapse. But if you stay there, that's the end of the story.If you are stuck, you just have to explode. If you fall, you just have to stand up. If your feet stop, you just have to move forward again. Just like the universe, we transfer the stress, and evolve through stress.When we struggle and scrabble, by challenging the stress for evolution and improvement, then the most precious moment of life is revealed.We strive to hold on to the world of life, rhythm of the universe, and dance of life that transfers the stress.


■ Construction : MuDA

■ Dance/Choreography:QUICK  Kazushige Uchida  Ryu Mieno  CHIBIGUTS  Shin Degawa

■ DJ/Sound design: Toru Yamanaka

■ Stage design/GM:Shinta Inoue

■ Stage management/PA:Ayumu Okubo

■ Lighting design:Ryoya Fudetani

■ VJ/Video programing:Yoshinori Takeuchi

■ Body paint : Shin Degawa

■ Concept/Direction:QUICK

■ Assistant direction:Kazushige Uchida

■ Advertising design:Ryu Mieno

■ Production management:Haruka Akiyama

■ Coordinator:Edouard Tripkovic Katayama

■ Subsidy : with the financial support of Japan Foundation (JF)

■ European representative : Global Performing Arts Group (GPAG)

■ Kyoto Art Center Artists in Studios program