"Portraits from the Festival" by Ivo Grbić to be displayed in the Sponza palace

Date created: 20.08.2014.

In light of the 65th anniversary of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the exhibition „Portraits from the Festival“ by artist Ivo Grbić will display 134 portraits from the Festival made between 1997 and 2003 in the author's, as he himself calls it, most fruitful period. And yet, this is only the chosen part of a couple of hundred other portraits which didn't get to be part of this exhibition. A video presentation will display these other portraits with comments by the author himself. The author of the catalogue's foreword, Ivan Viđen, will speak about the exhibition, while Ivica Prlender, former director of the Festival, and Tomo Vlahutin will talk about the artist and his connection with the Festival from the very beginning. The women's choir Amorette, Sebastijan Vukosavić, the Folklore Ensemble Linđo and Nila Miličić Vukosavić will take part in the exhibition's opening ceremony.

The exhibition will be opened on Thursday, 21st August, at 9p.m. in the Sponza palace atrium, and will be open until 15th September.