Zagreb Dance Ensemble dance performance delighted the festival audience

Date created: 20.07.2020.

Zagreb Dance Ensemble dance performance named ''Up and Up'' and choreographed by Ferenc Fehér, delighted the festival audience last night, on Sunday, July 19 in Gradac Park.

With its latest production ''Up and Up'', Zagreb Dance Company presented its rejuvenated, all-female team. Up and Up is a piece about a joint journey of six dancers, about a state of heightened emotions, about excitement and thrill of being part of a community. In their joint rituals, they discovered the responsibilities of the individual to the community and of the community to the individual. Their dynamic performance presented life connection between the six women, their joint journey, and different stops on the way through their dance careers. Their Amazon freestyle moves described solidarity, courage, resistance, community, individual and group responsibility. That extraordinary female team consisted of Margareta Firinger, Andreja Jandrić, Sintija Kučić, Gendis Putri Kartini, Petra Valentić and Jovana Zelenović.

The physically demanding choreography, brilliantly performed by the strong female collective of the Zagreb Dance Ensemble got the biggest applause from the audience.

Next on the Festival programme is the first of two scheduled performances by Folklore Ensemble Linđo which will be on held Wednesday, July 22 starting at 9.30 pm in Gradac Park.