Posted: 17.07.2015

A play between a performance and a cabaret

First theatrical premiere at the 66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival, play The Elementary Particles after the novel Les particules élémentaires by Michel Houellebecq, directed by Ivica Buljan and performed by the Festival Drama Ensemble, will be performed on Monday, 20th July at 9:30 pm on the Lovrjenac Fort, followed by three additional performances on 21st, 22nd and 23rd July, was announced today, 16th July at a press conference.

Posted: 16.07.2015

Troubadour spirit brought to life - ovations for Klapa Kaše and guests

Klapa Kaše and the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra conducted by a maestro Đelo Justić, along with Klapa Neverin, Davor Erceg, Suzi Sokol and Kruno Težak as guests of the concert, performed songs by Dubrovnik Troubadours, last night, 15th July on the Ruđer Bošković square which was the official opening of new Dubrovnik Festival off programme entitled Evening Serenades.

Posted: 15.07.2015

„Eqiunox“ on the cliffs of the Island of Lokrum

Ivo Vojnović's awarded “Equinox“, directed by Joško Juvančić and performed by the Festival's Drama Ensemble, the third consecutive year of renewal, returns to the Lokrum rocks. It will be performed 16, 17, 18 and 19 of July at 9:30 pm within drama program of 66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Posted: 12.07.2015

Neo-Baroque Ballet “Dangerous Liaisons” on Ruđer Bošković Square

Last year ballet premiere Dangerous Liaisons that impressed both the audience and critics, will be performed on 12th and 13th of July on Bošković square, starting at 9.30 p.m.

Posted: 11.07.2015

66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival Opened in Gala Ceremony

As the Festival's Libertas flag rose to the verses of the „Ode to Liberty“ before a numerous audience, the 66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival was opened last night, 10th of July, in front of St Blaise's Church.

Posted: 10.07.2015

The Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra to start 66th Festival's music programme

Music programme for the 66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival will be opened by The Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra lead by a legendary conductor, maestro Uroš Lajovic, along with a currently leading croatian tenor of the younger generation, Domagoj Dorotić and a young baritone, Leon Košavić. Event will begin on Saturday, 11th July, at 9:30 pm in front of St. Blaise's Church as a part of the Vip programme.

Posted: 09.07.2015

Golden Apple Award 2015. to Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Golden Apple Award for 2015. has been awarded to the city of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Summer Festival for their contribution in promoting the historical and cultural heritage of the highest world standards.

Posted: 09.07.2015

Opening Ceremony Dress Rehearsal takes place tonight at midnight

Dubrovnik, 9th July 2015 – Opening Ceremony Dress Rehearsal for the 66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival will be held tonight, July 9th at midnight, in front of St. Blaise's Church - the night before the official opening.

Posted: 07.07.2015

More than 70 art performances in stunning historical settings

The 66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival, taking place from 10 July to 25 August, will open on 10 July with raising the Libertas flag on Orlando's Column. During 47 festival days, more than 2000 artists from all over the world will take part in more than 70 theatrical, musical, operatic, ballet and folklore events in around twenty Dubrovnik site-specific venues, before an audience of 60.000 local and foreign visitors, according to the announcement from the Press Conference held at the Argentina Hotel. The participants included Andro Vlahušić, Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mladen Tarbuk, Artistic Director; Mani Gotovac, Theatre Programme Director; and Martina Rizman Matić, Corporative Communications Manager of the Vipnet, General Sponsor of the Festival.

Posted: 01.07.2015

66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival features new visual identity

This year's visual identity of Dubrovnik Summer Festival represents continuation of the parallelism between the architecture and anatomy, which is strongly dramatized by "walls of stone, heart of art” slogan but this year with water as a dominant theme. Authors of the concept and design are Maro Pitarević and Gabrijela Farčić.