Posted: 12.08.2022

Harmony of Antiphonus and Concerto dei venti enchants audience at Rector's Palace

The esteemed Antiphonus vocal ensemble hosted an international ensemble based in Germany, Concerto dei venti, last night, 11 August, in the Rector’s Palace Atrium, and together they brought all the magnificence of the baroque to the audience through a great harmony of voice and instruments.

Posted: 12.08.2022

Concert by Miloš Karadaglić at the Rector's Palace tomorrow

One of the world's most respected guitarists on the scene today, Miloš Karadaglić will hold a concert in the Rector’s Palace Atrium tomorrow, 13 August at 9.30 p.m., playing transcriptions of well-known compositions reworked for the guitar.

Posted: 11.08.2022

Audience meets Lorca at the beautiful Bunić-Kaboga Summer Villa

The poetry and music evening entitled Sundial: Meeting Lorca, with performances by the Antiphonus vocal ensemble and actors Gloria Dubelj and Marko Capor, was held last night, 10 August in the beautiful Bunić-Kaboga Summer Villa, with the support of the Caboga Stiftung foundation.

Posted: 10.08.2022

A brilliant match of piano and violin with Alena Baeva and Vadym Kholodenko

The brilliant musical match of the renowned Alena Baeva on the violin and the virtuoso Vadym Kholodenko on the piano last night, 9 August captivated the audience gathered in the Rector’s Palace Atrium.

Posted: 10.08.2022

An evening of baroque music by Antiphonus and Concerto dei venti

The Croatian vocal ensemble Antiphonus will perform with the Concerto dei venti ensemble tomorrow, 11 August at 9.30 pm in the Rector’s Palace Atrium, with compositions by Baroque composers Scheidt, Bach, Gabrieli, Schein, Monteverdi and an arrangement of da Palestrina on the programme.

Posted: 09.08.2022

The Festival marked the 750th anniversary of the Dubrovnik Statute

The Festival programme entitled Liber Statutorum Civitatis Ragusii, dedicated to celebrating 750th anniversary of the promulgation of the Statute of Dubrovnik was held last night, 8 August at the Rector’s Palace.

Posted: 08.08.2022

Alena Baeva and Vadym Kholodenko to perform at the Rector's Palace

Renowned violinist Alena Baeva and piano virtuoso Vadym Kholodenko will hold a concert tomorrow, 9 August in the Rector's Palace Atrium at 9.30 p.m., and perform works by Schubert, Mendelssohn, Debussy and Fauré.

Posted: 08.08.2022

Virtuoso performance by Vadym Kholodenko

The exceptional pianist Vadym Kholodenko introduced himself to the festival audience at the Rector’s Palace Atrium on last evening, 7 August and greatly impressing them with his virtuosity and skill.

Posted: 06.08.2022

Vedran Benić documentary 80 years of Radio Dubrovnik at Slavica Cinema

The documentary film 80 years of Radio Dubrovnik, directed by the doyen of Dubrovnik and Croatian journalism Vedran Benić was shown last night, 5 August at the Slavica Open-air cinema. Along with the director, the Radio Dubrovnik editor-in-chief Nila Miličić Vukosavić also addressed the gathered audience.

Posted: 05.08.2022

Vadym Kholodenko at the Rector’s Palace

Piano virtuoso Vadym Kholodenko will perform at the Rector’s Palace Atrium on Sunday, 7 August at 9.30 p.m., performing works by Thomas Ades, Franz Schubert and Sergei Prokofiev.