Šivak, Dražen | Director, actor

Date created: 09.02.2023.
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After earning his degree in acting from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Dražen Šivak joined the ITD Theatre. In addition to his numerous roles in theatres in Zagreb, Budapest and other Croatian towns, he has directed four plays, including Zijah A. Sokolović’s Birth. His collaboration with the Sankofa Theatre Company included working in Colombia, and he also worked with Árpád Schilling’s famous Krétakör Theatre Company in Budapest for several years. In Hungary he started the Thearto Project at the invitation of the Mu Szinhaz Theatre from Budapest. He took part in establishing the first clown scene in Croatia, in collaboration with the director and clown teacher Lee Delong. In 2019 he attended the Nouveau Clown Institute in Barcelona, led by the clown Jango Edwards. In recent seasons he has played a number of acclaimed roles in Dubrovnik Summer Festival’s productions.

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