Bitef Dance Company

Date created: 02.02.2018.
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Founded in 2009,  Bitef Dance Company is the first contemporary dance company in Serbia attached to a cultural institution, which offers an opportunity to the audience to follow high-quality dance theatre throughout theatre season. In the course of the seven years of its existence, Bitef Dance Company has had twenty-six dance productions and over a hundred visits in the country and abroad (Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Sweden, Hungary, Japan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia…). The company has established cooperation with some of the renowned choreographers in Serbia, the region and abroad, some of whom are: Guy Weizman, Roni Haver, Jasmin Vardimon, Isidora Stanišić, Edward Clug, Matjaž Farič, Dalija Aćin, Zoran Marković, Maša Kolar, Branko Potočan, Leo Mujić…

The performances The Scents of CinnamonOthelloDivine ComedyCarmen in IV RoundsAlpha BoysYesterdayDon JuanBirds… have all contributed to the creation of a new audience which follows dance repertory. Moreover, a new dance scene for children has been opened with an aim to bring the art of dance closer to the youngest audience.

During these eight years, Bitef Dance Company has won twenty three awards, out of which three “Dimitrije Parlić” awards, for choreographers Edward Clug, Jasmin Vardimon and Miloš Isailović, nine awards for the dancers’ interpretations, festival awards for the performances, and two Special awards for innovative approach in contemporary dance theatre to the choreographers Isidora Stanišić and Dalija Aćin.