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Date created: 13.08.2021.
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Aida Bukvić was born in Zagreb where she attended Archdiocesan Classical Gymnasium and went on to study Theatre Direction at the Academy of Dramatic Art. For her graduate play, Pero Budak’s “Klupko”, she received a Days of Satire award in 1999, with the play also being nominated for the Croatian Association of Drama Artists Award in the same year. Since then, Bukvić has directed more than thirty plays in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, among which stand out plays: “What Is a Man Without a Moustache?” (Croatian National Theatre Zagreb), “Visiting Mr. Green” (Planetart, Zagreb), “Nothing Can Surprise Us” and “Angel Devils” (Kerempuh Satirical Theatre), “Jug 2” and “Eight Women” (Croatian National Theatre Osijek), “Aristotle in Baghdad” (Chamber Theatre 55 Theatre, Sarajevo), “The Children from CNN” and “After Rehearsal” (Histrioni Theatre Troupe), “East Side Story” (Bosnian National Theatre Zenica and SARTR, Sarajevo), „Who Tore Down the Berlin Wall“ (Bosnian National Theatre Zenica), “Pokondirena tikva” (National Theatre Tuzla), “Lungs” (Exit Theatre), “Comet” (Gavella Theatre), “Constellations” (Osijek Summer of Culture and Exit Theatre), “Tulum u samostanu” (City Theatre Komedija), “Nebo od gume” (Croatian National Theatre Varaždin), “Buđenje” (Osijek Summer of Culture and Exit Theatre), “Miss Julija” (Croatian National Theatre Osijek and City Theatre Vinkovci). 

Her plays have received critical acclaim and numerous awards, having performances at both domestic and foreign festivals. For the dramatization of the novel “What Is a Man Without a Moustache?”by Ante Tomić, Bukvić won an award at the 2002 Marulić Days, and the play won the overall Best Play award as well. “Angel Devils” by Fadil Hadžić were declared the best cabaret at the 2002 Days of Satire. In 2008, she staged a play with the Histrioni Theatre Troupe based on her father Amir Bukvić’s text “The Children from CNN”, which won the Audience Award at the Marulić Days, and was declared the best play overall at the Actors’ Festival in Vinkovci. She was nominated for the 2017 Croatian Association of Drama Artists Award for her direction of the play “Lungs”. “Constellations” won the Vanja Drach Award for the best play overall in 2019. Bukvić is a full professor at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Acting Department.

Photo (c) Ines Novković

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