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Date created: 06.04.2017.
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Zoran Dukic (1969, Zagreb) was presented with a guitar at the early age of six. Today he is one of the most distinguished classical guitarists of our time. His concert performances, both as a soloist or with an orchestra, leave long-lasting impressions on audiences and critics alike.

"A thrilling concert... the audience was on its feet already after the first piece... a phenomenal evening" GEVELSBERGER ZEITUNG, Germany

"... after two minutes the audience was breathless,... the string genius from Zagreb showed both technical brilliance and tenderness,... with the artistic potential and expressive power of life itself,... This is a musician not a guitarist." KÖLNISCHE RUNDSCHAU, Germany

"...Artist of exceptional sensitivity... a treasure box of expression...what a directness of communication through music...a truly unforgettable evening" NOVI LIST, Croatia


He graduated from the Music Academy of Zagreb with Darko Petrinjak and completed his studies with Hubert Käppel at the Hochschule für Musik in Cologne.

In his "tour de force" competition years (1990-1997) Zoran Dukic has won an astonishing number of competitions, being the only guitarist to have won both "Andrés Segovia" competitions, in Granada and in Palma de Mallorca. Showing astounding mastery in a wide variety of musical periods and styles he has also won competitions dedicated to "Fernando Sor", "Manuel Ponce", "Manuel de Falla", "Francisco Tárrega" among others. In the greatest Spanish guitar competition in Madrid, patronized by the Royal Family, he was awarded, in addition to the first prize, the special prize for the best interpretation of Spanish music (first time awarded to a non-Spaniard). In numerous competitions he was selected by the audience itself for the prize of the public, a self-evident testimony to his natural ability to communicate through music.

"...what a power for captivating the attention of the audience!" VIOLÃO INTERCAMBIO, Brazil

"Identifying with the very core of the piece of music and successful transmission of his own vision to the audience is a highest achievement of the concert artist. Zoran Dukic innately has these qualities." VIJENAC, Croatia

His performances throughout the 5 continents have inspired numerous composers to dedicate their works to him. His premiers of new music are strengthened by his admiration of contemporary musical expression. His programs include works by Takemitsu, Henze, Reily, Carter or Gubaidulina among many others. He has also toured with entire Bach programs, performing complete cycles of lute, violin or cello suites. Music by J. S. Bach is still the focal point of his musical life.

" What a height of interpretative capacity... His concept of baroque style bears a stamp of authenticity...petrifying security..." EL CORREO DE ANDALUCIA, Spain

He also has a special affinity for Spanish and South American musical idiom, the core repertoire of classical guitar. Currently, his carefully balanced programs present a range of music from Bach to Britten, from Sor to Albéniz, from Tárrega to Villa-Lobos and Brouwer.

His mastery of the instrument is best summed up in following quotes:

"a true artist, a musician whose dimension goes beyond superlative dominion of the instrument...He almost caused a state of delirium through the level of his virtuosity and volcanic fantasy" CANARIAS 7, Spain

"...Master-virtuoso, avoiding at every instance effect-striving, empty virtuosity... He treats his instrument with intimate sensibility and cherishes warm and noble guitar sound... He is a leading guitarist of his generation." ONLINE MUSIK MAGAZIN, Germany

"...Master of the instrument, shining in virtuoso moments as well as in the intimate ones. The sonority he creates from his guitar is as admirable as his palette of expression and elegance."

EL NORTE, Mexico

"...always the master of his instrument, Dukic demonstrated spectacular virtuosity over and over again together with a great maturity and powerful inspiration." IL GAZZETTINO, Italy

Being exceptionally enthusiastic and dedicated to teaching, his pedagogical activities are equally impressive. Having taught at the Escuela Superior in Barcelona and at the Hochschule Für Musik in Aachen, he is currently teaching at the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague and as a guest artist In Seville and Cardiff Music Universities. He has educated generations of young classical guitarists and has one of the most successful classes in Europe. In addition to this, he regularly gives masterclasses all over the world and is often an invited guest to numerous guitar festivals. Zoran Dukic is also a very active chamber music performer and a founding member of the “European Guitar Quartet” and “Naxos Guitar Trio”. He has recorded compact discs for labels in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Brazil and Canada.

"A musician with vigour and power reserved only for the great...his way of vibrato on certain notes goes straight to your heart...his sonority, inspiration and lyricism can move mountains...Llobet, Pujol, Segovia, Presti are back!" CAHIERS DE LA GUITARE, France

"...Dukic is, without exaggeration, one of the best guitarists of today and one of the greatest musicians Croatia has ever had... Breathless virtuosity, fascinating levels of dynamics, astounding beauty and clarity of tone and unbelievable concentration and focus as he dives into the depths of the spirit of the music, bringing back to us its metaphysical dimension disguised and cloaked in sound." ZAREZ, Croatia









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