Gazarov, David | piano

Date created: 07.03.2014.
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German pianist, composer and arranger. He has performed classical, jazz and cross-over solo concerts at major venues such as Semperoper Dresden (Germany), Congress Hall in Graz (Austria), Hercules Sal Gasteig in Munich  (Germany), Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow (Russia), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Jazz Open Stuttgart (Germany), and at a large number of Croatian stages (Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb, Croatian Music Institute, 28th Music Biennale Zagreb). He has performed and recorded with acclaimed international jazz musicians: Nils H. O. Pedersen, Martin Drew, Jimmy Woode, Johnny Griffin, Alvin Queen, Jiggs Whigham, Chuck Israels, Bill Goodwin, Ryo Kawasaki, Buddy De Franco, James Morrison, Bobby Durham, Jonny Griffin, Boško Petrović, etc.). He has also composed, arranged, recorded and played live with Bayerische Rundfunk Big-Band, Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, Grand Symphony Orchestra of Graz, and so on. His work in the filed of cross-over resulted in numerous concerts at some of the most prestigious classical music festivals, such as Mozart Musikfestspiele in Würzburg (1997, 1998, 2000), Wagner-Festspiele in Bayreuth (1998, 2000), the Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival (2004), Schleswig Hollstein Festival (2004, 2005). In November 2004, the Great Symphony Orchestra in Graz premiered Gazarov’s  Piano Concert no. 1 - "Black Vision” for piano and 66 instruments). He has recorded more than a dozen solo albums and a large number of albums with other musicians. He recorded, among other labels, at Sony Music (International); Denon (International), EMS Music and Records (International), Tuxedo Records - "Episode" (USA), Tudor (Switzerland), Skip Records (Germany). In addition to numerous concerts in the western part of Europe, in the years 2012-2013 he had one tour in Taiwan, and two tours in Brazil (with solo concerts in the Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, Sala São Paulo, and at the festival Música em Trancoso). David Gazarov has just finished recording his latest project for Enja Records entitled Bachology. He was awarded with a Special Bavaria State Prize for musicians, “Bayerischer Staatlicher Förderungspreis“ with a Diploma from the Bavarian Ministry of Culture. In his compositions, for example in Bauer Gigue, as well as in his cross-over arrangements, such as Retrospective (Chopin's Etude in e-flat minor, Op.10, No.6), Gazarov uses universal laws of musical development that can be applied in any musical style. In the final outcome, his music provides listeners with an attractive and understandable musical form.

David Gazarov Trio