Krbanyevitch, Nikola | percussion

Date created: 02.06.2021.
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NIKOLA KRBANYEVITCH is a musician of French and Serbian origins born in Belgrade, Serbia. His creative output is influenced by two different cultures. During his studies of piano, music theory and percussion in his hometown, he made his debut in the Boris Pašćan Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and afterwards in the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, and he also collaborated on several pop projects. He continued his studies in France at the Montpellier and Perpignan Conservatories under P. Limoges and P. Spiesser and graduated in Percussion and Music Education from the College of Music and Dance, University of Toulouse, under M. Vantula.

Nikola is a versatile musician, equally active in various music genres – contemporary, rock and traditional, and he performs in various ensembles as vocalist (Antiphona, Balkan Project Orchestra) and percussionist (Nimes Symphony Orchestra, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Contrepoint Symphony Orchestra, Lamoureux Orchestra and Aeolus Brass Ensemble).

His interest in multicultural and crossover projects led him to found the Balkan Project Orchestra, where he serves as Artistic Director.

He is also highly engaged in artistic photography and audio and video editing.

He was a member of the Board of the French Percussion Association. He is a Full Professor of Percussion at the Evreux Conservatory (Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental), Normandy, and gives classes in traditional and jazz music. He is the author of several pieces for percussion ensemble and arrangements for mixed ensembles (Inkoplastika Edition).

In 2014 he started the I.N.K. Experiment Duo with Ivana Kuljerić Bilić as a platform for developing artistic ideas combining instruments, voice, electronics and multimedia. The duo has appeared at international festivals in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, China, France, Switzerland and Croatia (Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Osor Musical Evenings, Music Biennale Zagreb, Zeltsman Marimba Festival, Amsterdam Marimba Week, Percussive Society International Convention in Minneapolis, IBMW, l`Ateliers, KALIMA, Teng Yu Ning Xin Festival, Halleiner Schlagzeug Festival). In 2020 they won the Porin Award for Best Non-Classical Instrumental Performance in collaboration with Chui.