Mozarteum Quartet

Date created: 20.08.2014.
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The traditional name Mozarteum quartet, given by the International Mozarteum Foundation, the Mozarteum Orchestra and Mozarteum University in 1998, is the name of a string quartet whose roots can be followed back to the 1930s.

In a very short time, the quartet developed a unique style which drew the public's attention, earning the quartet invitations to various famous festivals and world-known stages, some of which include Wigmore Hall in London, the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, the Konzerthaus in Vienna and many more, including tours around Asia and Latin America.

Since the concert season of 2004/2005, the quartet has been holding its own cycle of concerts in Salzburg’s Mozarteum.

The main part of the quartet’s repertoire consists primarily of works of Classic, mostly string quartets by W. A. Mozart, as well as their contemporary reproductions, although they also play works of various contemporary artists, oftentimes those of Austrian origin.

The Mozarteum quartet has often collaborated with other artists, some of which are Marjana Lipovsek, Jessy Norman, Valery Afanassiev, Thomas Riebel, Hariolf Schlichtig, Milan Turkovic, as well as many woodwind soloists, including those of the Berlin or Vienna philharmonic orchestra, such as Wenzela Fuchsa, Stefana Dohra, Norberta Täubla or Wolfganga Schula.

Current members of the quartet are Géza Rhomberg, Milan Radič and Marcus Pouget, led by the concert-master Markus Tomasi.