Pogorelich, Lovro - piano

Date created: 31.03.2017.
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From the age of seventeen, Lovro Pogorelich has been giving concerts throughout the world on a regularly basis. Solo or accompanied by the orchestra, he makes pianistic creations of convincing power and inarguable individuality. Among recent concerts highlights was the Chinese tour (Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Suzhou) and recital at Teatro Bibiena in Mantova, described by the Cultura&Societá magazine critic as “Pianistic Meditation... the refinement of sound that affects meditative inner reflection which is opposed by dynamic explosions that follow a very personal logic. This could be seen in Mantova’s recital in the works of romantics Schubert (Sonata D. 960) and Schumann (Kreisleriana Op. 16) as well as in the ecstatic and mystical 'symbolist' Scriabin (Sonata No. 5)”. Last summer performance at Schubertiaden Festival in Denmark was announced as the “Master at the Piano... All that characterizes a master Lovro Pogorelich has in abundance: his own sacrosanct access to everything that he plays, a technique that allows him to fill the space with sound colours and by not making compromises with the difficulties experienced by most performers in their performances, an ability to concentrate and focus in a way that enchants the listener; the listener is convinced that what is going on at the given moment is the most important thing.” (Bent-Erik Rasmussen)

His recital tour in Japan (Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo 2011) was commented by the critics as: “...He is a big man in size and plays in full impact, but I myself felt refined delicacy in his astonishing sound...” (K. Michishita, Let’s Enjoy Tokyo, 5 best concerts in 2011) and “...He is extremely rich in performing music of a great variety and holds inexhaustible skills in his hands. Visually as sparkling crystal and powerfully as dust blown up in the air.  I am utterly astonished by a great variety of dynamic range, and his capacity in a swift shifting power of sequence in tune.  His work contains many eccentric factors, although every grain of tune is as smooth and brilliant as velvet…” (K. Fushhiya, and for Hungarian tour with the Hungarian Philharmonic under the direction of Mo. Zoltán Kocsis (2nd Piano Concerto by Rachmaninov; Miskolc, Szeged, Pecs, Debrecen, Budapest 2012): “A noble elegance of Lovro Pogorelich’s interpretation, his sovereign, yet not excessive, highly individual choices of the tempo – which the orchestra followed quite flexibly – his natural virtuosity was rewarded by the thundering applause, and the musician, whose modesty should serve as an example to all, thanked for it with a striking Rachmaninoff’s prelude. ” (A. Kovács, Eozin magazine, Pecs)

The French recording company Intrada (Paris) has recognised the art of Lovro Pogorelich and, in spring 2007, it published a CD Liszt Lovro Pogorelich acclaimed by the critics, ranging from an exclamation of admiration Wouah! in France (A. Jourdain, to the following characterisation “...a pianist of unquestionable reputation with fascinating musical arguments ...” (J. Hamada, The Record Geijutsu Disc Review, Japan). The French music TV channel Mezzo even produced a documentary on the recording of the said CD that has been repeatedly aired. In December 2008, Intrada published a new Lovro Pogorelich CD with the works of Mussorgsky and Rachmaninoff. Pianobleu chose this CD as the CD of the Month in January 2009. CDs have been released in Croatia as well, by Dancing Bear record label.

Lovro Pogorelich teaches piano as an Associate Professor at the Music Academy of the University of Zagreb. In his spare time he conquers mountain peaks.