Vorkapic, Vlatka

Date created: 27.07.2015.
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Vlatka Vorkapić is a film, TV and theatre script-writer and director. She graduated in TV and film direction from the Zagreb Academy of Theatre Art, as well as in comparative literature and Czech language and literature from the Zagreb Faculty of Arts. She has won the Marin Držić Award for the play Judith French and the DHF Grand Prix (the Days of Croatian Film Festival) for the film Anine pjesme. Based on her own text, she staged the children's play Oblak vila (the Tigar Theatre) and the play Judith French (the Ars Septima and the Exit Theatre). She directed Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at the Croatian National Theatre of Split. Vlatka Vorkapić has written scripts for- and directed a large number of feature, documentary and documentary-feature series (Kad zvoni?, Pučka intima, Pričopričalica...). She has authored around thirty documentary films, two short feature films (Vozačka dozvola, Rastreseno gledanje kroz prozor) and the hit feature-length film Sonja i bik in 2012, when the film was awarded the Golden Arena Award for Screenplay at the Pula Film Festival.

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