Dance show Cartoon for children and families

Date created: 28.06.2018.

Anton Lachky's dance show Cartoon, created for children six years of age and older and their families, will be performed on the Revelin Fort Terrace on 14 July at 21:30 as part of the programme of the 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Cartoon won the award of the Belgian Minister of Culture Alda Greoli in 2017.

Since it is never too early to appreciate magnificent, overwhelming, virtuosic dance, Anton Lachky creates breathtaking choreographies for children. Cartoon is a dance piece created specifically for children six years of age and older and their families. In this surreal tale, four characters get possessed by their inner creative demons, producing a nonsensical and fun swirl of dance, music and games. Carried away by a magnificent web of sounds, the characters engage in grandiose tirades and bewitched dances to pop music and classical arias. The abundance of stories within the play gives a glimpse into the complex and confusing functioning of the mind: full of twists and turns, growth and setbacks, dead ends and infinite possibilities. The soundtrack is an epic adventure that includes centuries-old scores from Bach and Mozart that continue to touch the audience. Something like a happy mess, at times Cartoon is as serious as a love declaration, while at other times it is as light as a breeze.

Anton Lachky started his career in the show Ma created by Akram Khan. At the age of twenty, he toured the world and danced in 48 countries. A few years later, he co-founded the Les SlovaKs Collective, which earned a worldwide reputation with their three productions. Anton is now an acclaimed choreographer who collaborates with some of the most important art institutions in the world, such as the Gothenburg Opera House, the BodyTraffic Company from Los Angeles, the Venice Biennale, the Helsinki City Theatre, the Scottish Dance Theatre and others.

Croatian appearance of Anton Lachky’s dance company with the show Cartoon is the result of collaboration of Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti, where the company will also perform the show right after Dubrovnik.

Aside from the dance show Cartoon, the 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival has prepared rich programme for children as part of the audience development programme City Keys: the musicians of Dubrovnik will perform The Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saëns in Sponza Palace, Jasna Held will be telling folk tales and fairy tales from the vicinity of Dubrovnik in St Stephen’s Church in Pustijerna, Nenad Sinkauz will hold a music workshop Sound Factory where children will learn about the basics of improvisation, and curators of the Bukovac House Lucija Vuković and Helena Puhara will hold art workshop with the theme of perception of contemporary art. The aim is to develop children’s relation towards contemporary art and its creative processes, as well as to sensitise them to contemporary art and the Festival, thus raising new theatre, music and art audience.

Tickets for the dance show Cartoon are available at discounted prices and the residents of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County are eligible for an additional discount of 30%. All other programmes for children are free.