Drama Ensemble Gavella performs Moliere's "Le malade imaginaire"

Date created: 20.07.2016.

Molière's " Le malade imaginaire" directed by Krešimir Dolenčić and performed by Drama Ensemble of Gavella Theater is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, 19th and 20th of July at 21: 30 in the Art school park. The festival audience will have the opportunity to watch, among others, Enes Vejzović in the role of self-deluded patient Argan, Barbara Nola in the role of Argan’s wife Béline, and Anja Šovagović Despot, who’s great performance as the maidservant Toinette won her award for best actress on the 4th Days of Bobby's Laughter.

“Le malade imaginaire” a comedy-ballet in three acts, is the last Molière's piece of art that had its premiere in 1673. The patient is in trouble, he has to deal with family problems that deprive him of time and concentration, valuable for thinking about his current symptoms, while his quiet routine is assaulted by strong impulses: greed, pain, deceit and betrayal. Argan must, despite the difficulty of his state, which requires continuous care, face with his other roles in addition to the one of a patient. Argan is a father, husband, brother and master, Argan is sly and naive, a victim and a bully: situational humor strengthened by the facial comedy looms over the scene, it does not allow indulgence to prejudice or despair, everything is a subject of jokes, even human life - the bet which Molière himself payed when he died after a fourth embodiment of " Le malade imaginaire " by pulmonary artery rupture that was a consequence of a severe attack cough which caught him on the stage.

Tickets are available at the box office in the ground floor of the Festival Palace (Od Sigurate 1) and in Luža as well as at the venue  one hour prior the performance.