Future Epics Symposium 3: From Local to European Heritage will be held form 9th till 11th December in Belgrade

Date created: 22.11.2019.

As a follow up to the recent activities that were carried out during Barcelona Lab named Divisive Theater and Performance, Heartefact Fund organizes third Symposium, which will be held from 09th till 11th December at gallery space of Youth Initiative for Human Rights.

During the three days of Symposium, the professional public and guests will have a chance to participate in a fruitful discussions on the topics of local and European cultural heritage, and the influence that one has on another in the cultural dynamics of contemporary arts.

First day of the Symposium will be dedicated to the promotion of the Future Epics platform, and further developing ideas of personal stories and their integration in the platform as a part of the process in creating the final pieces in the project. Since the Future Epics Symposium is occurring during annual HFestival, the festival audience will have a chance to take participation in the process of the story collection.

On the second day of the Symposium, the audience will have a chance to attend the lecture of Dragan Ristić Kal.

His lecture will be mainly focused on the influence of Roma people on Serbian cinematography and music, with a larger context of contribution of Roma people and their role in creating the cultural landscape of Serbia and Europe. Apart from being a very famous musician, Dragan Ristic is also involved in acting and theater production and performance. He has also worked as a translator for the Roma language in films. Since 2014, she has been organizing and running the Festival of Roma Culture and Activism of FRKA.

Third and final day of Symposium will be dedicated to the art of graphic design from different perspectives. The lecture held by Slavimir Stojanović Futro, will be focused on the graphic design practices and their influence on the cultural and art polices in Serbia, region but also in Europe, where he worked extensively. Also he will discus the current practices in graphic design with examples that will be in line with the subject of the Syposium.

Also, during the Symposium, the partners will have a joint meeting, in order to plan and discus future steps, as the project enters in final phases. Future Epics is a project co-funded by Creative Europe Subprogram for Culture, and it has partner from Spain (Tasca), Croatia (Dubrovnik Summer Festival), Sweden (Vitlycke Performing Art Center) and Serbia (Foundation Heartefact Fund).