Room For A View on Bokar

Date created: 18.08.2019.

The ingenious Ivana Buljan Legati performed the Room For A View monodrama last night, 17 August, on the stunning Bokar fort. Based on the Virginia Woolf short story The New Dress and directed by Marina Petković Liker, the monodrama Room For A View sheds light on our inner insecurities which are deepened by societal pressure.

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Last evening the Festival audiences enjoyed the third monodrama on Bokar of this anniversary 70th Festival season. In a time when the monodrama’s themes are more pertinent than ever, the brave and emotion-filled 50-minute performance of the challenging material proved to be a resounding success. Especially poignant was the music, by Ivanka Mazurkijević and Damir Martinović Mrle, which fittingly accompanied the most dramatic moments of the Room For A View, a monodrama which movingly lays out the unstable and to most people unknown life of a fragile, socially (dis)engaged, timid and solitary of a certain Mabel Waring, who wishes to break the cycle of her insecurities and the anxiety she feels in the presence of other people, and resolve the problem of her antisocialness, all by attending a party where she does not truly belong, which is seemingly an unimportant event. The monodrama, created in the coproduction of Studio Chekhov and Ivana Buljan Legati, premiered in April 2017, in the StudioChekhov’s spaces in Zagreb. Room For A View won the Jury Award at the 6th Bečej Monodrama Festival Be:femon.

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Ivana Buljan Legati is not only the protagonist and producer of the monodrama – she is also the dramaturge of the Room For A View. Along with Buljan Legati and the director Marina Petković Liker, the monodrama was brought to life by Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin who did the set and costume design, Ivanka Mazurkijević and Damir Martinović Mrle who did the music and Darija Petković who did the photography, video and design.  

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