70th PULA FILM FESTIVAL | Grand Golden Arena Award Winner: Bigger Than Trauma

Date created: 16.03.2023.
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In Collaboration with Dubrovnik Cinemas

Grand Golden Arena Award Winner:  Bigger Than Trauma


The traditional screening of the Grand Golden Arena winner, from this year's jubilee 70th Pula Film Festival, will be brought by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival in collaboration with Dubrovnik Cinemas and Pula Film Fest.


Three women discover who they are without the trauma they have identified with for more than two decades. Tortured and raped by former school friends and neighbours during the Homeland War, they have kept silent for 25 years. The untreated trauma has ruined their health and relationships. The film follows their intimate three-year journey of healing through an unconventional empowering programme. Ana feels like a lonely duckling that doesn’t belong anywhere, Marija thinks she doesn’t deserve to be free, and Katica finds any change scary. Can they rediscover the gift of life?


Screenplay Mirta Puhlovski, Vedrana Pribačić

Photography Dario Hacek

Editor Marta Broz

Score Tihomir Vrbanec, Dario Domitrović

Lead actresses Ana, Katica i Marija

Producer Mirta Puhlovski

Production company Metar60