• Ivana Medo BogdanovićExecutive Director

    Ivana Medo Bogdanović was born in Dubrovnik in 1979. She graduated in the English and French languages and literature from the University of Zadar in 2002 and completed her degree essay at the Paris-Sorbonne University.
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  • Martina FiljakArtistic Director

    Pianist Martina Filjak is praised by the international public and critics for her passionate and yet lyrical performances and technical mastery, as well as for her ‘galvanizing strength’ and ‘magnetic stage presence’.
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  • Senka BulićArtistic Director for Theatre

    Senka Bulić earned a degree in acting from the Academy of Theatre, Film and Television in Zagreb.
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  • Marin KaporeloAssistant Artistic Director for Production

    During nearly three decades of work in the field of finance, education and organisation of cultural events, Marin Kaporelo (Split, 1976) has earned the status of a prominent cultural organiser and promoter of musical life in Croatia.
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  • Executive Directors Through Past

    The list of all Executive Directors of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival
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