Press releases

Press releases / 2021

26.8. 72nd Festival closed: Opera stars and symphonists with maestro Repušić in the magnificent Festival finale

25.8. Another challenging, but successful Festival season

25.8. Orlando Awards for best artistic achievements at the 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival presented to artists

24.8. Petrit Çeku reaches guitar heights in the last Rector’s Palace concert of the Festival season

22.8. Spectacular opera gala for Festival finale

21.8. Petrit Çeku’s guitar recital with a repertoire tailor-made for Rector’s Palace

21.8. A big round of applause for “Lion House” at last night’s premiere under Minčeta

20.8. A strong and compelling performance of Bach and Messiaen

19.8. On Sunday another Linđo festival performance in front of the Cathedral

19.8. Dubrovnik Symphonists and Goran Filipec under the baton of Eduardo Strausser impress the large festival crowd in front of the Cathedral

17.8. Messiaen’s Poems for Mi by Harlequin Art Collective at Bunić-Kaboga Summer Villa

16.8. “Lion House” premieres this Friday on the playground below Minčeta Fort

15.8. Fun and educational musical workshop delights children in the Rector’s Palace

14.8. Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra and Goran Filipec under the baton of maestro Eduardo Strausser in front of the Cathedral

14.8. Lero Student Theatre performs South Wind at Lazareti

13.8. Ovations for Martina Filjak, Felix Klieser and Andrej Bielow at Rector’s Palace

11.8. Lero’s South Wind on Friday at Lazareti

11.8. Another outstanding edition of the “Dubrovnik on a Rock of Music” programme

9.8. Festival favourite Martina Filjak joined by Felix Klieser and Andrej Bielow at Rector's Palace on Thursday

9.8. “Lion House” to premiere on playground below Minčeta Fort towards the end of the 72nd Festival

9.8. Dance play Together performed at Lazareti

7.8. The unique Dubrovnik on a Rock of Music again on the Festival music programme

7.8. American tenor Lawrence Brownlee wows Festival audience

6.8. Evan Shinners' Musical Play for Children

5.8. Magical Harmony of Dance Performed Together on Sunday at Lazareti

4.8. kvARTet’s brilliant Festival debut in the Rector’s Palace

3.8. First reprise of Marin Držić’s “Grižula” performed in Gradac Park

2.8. Leading American tenor Lawrence Brownlee at Rector’s Palace on Friday

1.8. Debut performance of kvARTet at Rector’s Palace on Tuesday

1.8. The intimate and passionate “Lulu” captivates audiences on Lovrjenac

30.7. “Under the Same Roof” staged at Lazareti

30.7. Ovations at the Rector’s Palace for the DSO String Chamber Ensemble and Eva Šulić under the baton of Ivan Hut

29.7. Grand Golden Arena winner “A Blue Flower” screened at the 72nd Festival

28.7. Držić's “Grižula” once more in Gradac Park starting Monday

27.7. Dance Monodrama “Lulu” on Saturday and Sunday at Lovrjenac

27.7. Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra String Chamber Ensemble with violinist Eva Šulić at the Rector’s Palace on Thursday

26.7. The play “Under the Same Roof” at Lazareti

26.7. Best Croatian feature from Pula Film Festival “A Blue Flower” to be screened at the 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival 

26.7. Impressive performance by soprano Julia Lezhneva and La Voce Strumentale Ensemble

25.7. Petrit Çeku’s guitar masterclass participants hold final concert at Bunić-Kaboga Summer Villa

24.7. Mara and Kata are back!

24.7. Traditional Linđo dances delight festival crowd in front of the Cathedral

22.7. Magelli’s Hamlet returns gloriously to Lovrjenac

21.7. Upcoming Linđo performances in front of the Cathedral at the 72nd Festival

21.7. A night to remember with Richard Bona, Alfredo Rodríguez trio and the Croatian Radio and Television Jazz Orchestra!

20.7. Final concert of Petrit Çeku’s guitar masterclass participants

19.7. Slovenian “Celebration” is a moving yet poignant tribute at Lazareti

19.7. Acclaimed Hamlet returns to Lovrjenac Fort

18.7. "Without Compromise" Exhibition in honor of the great Ika Škomrlj Ajki

18.7. Richard Bona and Alfredo Rodríguez trio joined by the Croatian Radio and Television Jazz Orchestra Tuesday in front of the Cathedral

17.7. Brilliant Lovre Marušić delights Festival audience at Rector’s Palace

16.7. Port of Dreamers final publication presented at Festival Palace

14.7. "Without Compromise" Exhibition in honor of the great Ika Škomrlj Ajki

14.7. Lovre Marušić to hold piano recital at Rector’s Palace

14.7. “Besides Oneself” premieres at Lazareti and Komarda

13.7. Papandopulo’s Croatian Mass to be performed by Croatian Radio and Television Choir at Rector’s Palace

13.7. Premiering performance of Percussion Club launches the music programme of the 72nd Festival

12.7. "Fortune Teller" group exhibition at Sponza Palace until Festival closing

11.7. Original play "Besides Oneself" premieres on Tuesday

11.7. The 72nd Festival opened in Grand Ceremony

10.7. Dubrovnik Summer Festival council hold formal sitting

9.7. Percussion Club to start off the music programme of the 72nd Festival

8.7. Group exhibition “Fortune Teller” by six female artists at Sponza Palace starting Sunday

8.7. The 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival opens this Saturday

25.6. 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival tickets now available

18.6. Original play Beside Oneself to be the first premiere of the 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival

9.6. Richard Bona to appear with Alfredo Rodríguez and Croatian Radio and Television Jazz Orchestra at the 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival

8.6. Partner meeting and official presentation of the #synergy project held in Kotor

26.5. Ticket reservations now available for the 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival

12.5. The 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival programme announced

1.2. Dubrovnik Summer Festival to take place this year from 10 July to 25 August



Press releases / 2020

25.8. End of the 71st Dubrovnik Summer Festival – top artistic achievements despite the crisis

25.8. Greatest artistic achievements on the 71st Festival awarded with Orlando

21.8. Closing gala concert in front of Cathedral

20.8. Držić's "Grižula" premiere in Gradac Park

18.8. Dance performance ''Embrace'' premiere in Lazareti

10.8. Biljana Srbljanović „ Intimacy “to be premiered in Lazareti

10.8. Dubrovnik Summer Festival at the KotorArt Festival

7.8. "Time out" by Viktor Daldon in Sponza Palace

23.7. ''Dubrovnik is Sailing'' Exhibition Opening in Lazareti

22.7. Trio Eusebius to perform on Friday 24 July in the Rector's Palace

21.7. Two performances of the Linđo Folklore Ensemble in Gradac Park

20.7. Young festival audience enjoyed the festival drama weekend programme

20.7. Zagreb Dance Ensemble dance performance delighted the festival audience

12.7. Jurinić's beautiful performance for the beginning of the music program of the 71st Festival

11.7. „Three sisters“ by Bobo Jelčić in Gradac park

9.7.  The 71st Dubrovnik Summer Festival starts on Friday

24.6. 71st Dubrovnik Summer Festival tickets released for online sale

16.6. 71st Dubrovnik Summer Festival opens on 10 July 

4.2. 71st Dubrovnik Summer Festival tickets released for online sale 

2.2. Preliminary programme of the 71st Dubrovnik Summer Festival announced


Press releases / 2019

26.9. ‘Dubrovnik Summer Festival in Zagreb’ ends with concert of Avishai Cohen

26.8. The 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival in Numbers

26.8. A Magnificent Finale of the Anniversary 70TH Festival with the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra and Percussionist Simone Rubino

19.8. A Magnificent Night of Music in the Rector's Palace with Ivo Pogorelich

18.8. Ivana Buljan Legati performed the Room For A View monodrama on the stunning Bokar Fort

16.8. Ivo Vojnović’s Geranium Rounds off the Anniversary 70th Festival’s Theatre Programme

16.8The Acclaimed Monodrama Room For A View Based on Virginia Woolf at the 70th Festival

15.8. Legendary Pianist Ivo Pogorelich to Hold a Recital in the Rector's Palace

14.8. The Belgrade National Theatre's Balkan Spy in the Gradac park

13.8. Another Brilliant Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra Concert at the Festival

13.8. Festival Backstage through the lens of Marko Ercegović

12.8. Audiences of All Ages Delight in the Enchanting Realm of Puppet Paladins on Revelin

12.8. Last Linđo Performance of This Festival Season on Revelin Tomorrow

12.8. Upcoming Concert of the Croatian Baroque Ensemble Under the Baton of Hervé Niquet in the Rector's Palace

9.8. The Little Prince Enchants both Kids and Grown-ups in the Rector’s Palace

8.8. The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra with Ivo Lipanović and violinist Katarina Kutnar in the Rector's Palace

8.8. Dubravka Lošić's Encounter at the Depot III Opened in Former Oil Factory

7.8. Festival Audiences Blown Away by Wang and Ottensamer’s Virtuosic Performance

5.8. Graceful yet Powerful Beauty of the Mariinsky Ballet Awes the Festival Crowd

3.8. Encounter at the Depot III by Dubrovnik Artist Dubravka Lošić

3.8. Yuja Wang and Andreas Ottensamer at the 70th Festival

3.8. First Performance of The Little Prince Announced

3.8. The Perfect Musical Combination – Guitar Virtuoso Ana Vidović and the Zagreb Quartet

2.8. Three Linđo Performances on the Revelin Terrace in August

2.8. An Unforgettable Il Volo Concert

1.8. Legendary Mariinsky Ballet at the 70th Festival

30.7. Italian Trio Il Volo in Dubrovnik 1 August

29.7. Young Virtuosos of the Esperanza Ensemble at Rector's Palace

28.7. Triumphant First Premiere Theatre Production of the Anniversary 70th Festival, Hamlet

28.7. Outstanding Šivak and Mistero buffo on Bokar

26.7. Standing Ovation for the Croatian Radio and Television Choir and Tomislav Fačini

25.7. Mistero Buffo Monodrama on Bokar Fort This Friday

25.7. A Spectacular Evening of Folklore with Linđo and KUD Jedinstvo at Revelin

24.7. Music That Smells Like Love Between Heaven and Earth by the Croatian Radio-television Choir and Tomislav Fačini

24.7. Avishai Cohen Puts on an Unforgettable Show

22.7. Hamlet by Paolo Magelli on Lovrjenac at the Anniversary Festival

22.7. Avishai Cohen trio at the Festival

22.7. Hit Croatian National Theatre Play One Song A Day Takes Mischief Away Sweeps Audience Off Their Feet

21.7. Phenomenal Performance of Top Trumpeter Håkan Hardenberger at the Festival

21.7. Pula Film Festival Sensation The Diary of Diana B at Jadran Open-air Cinema 24 July

19.7. Music of Dubrovnik Summer Villas Dazzles Festival Audience

19.7. One of the World’s Top Trumpeters to Perform with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra

19.7. Under the Balconies Captivates Festival Audiences Second Year in a Row

15.7. Incredible Performance by the Zagreb Soloists and Martina Filjak in the Rector’s Palace Atrium

13.7. Lauba's Fascinations in Sponza Palace until August 15

10.7. Grand Opening of the Anniversary 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival

9.7. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony to start off the 70th Dubrovnik Summer Festival

3.7. The Festival’s Celebratory Summer - The 70th Anniversary Edition of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival Starts on 10 July!

2.7. Tom Jones spectacular performance


Press releases / 2018.

25.8. 69th Festival edition in numbers 

25.8. End of the 69th Festival edition: 86 programmes successfully presented at 30 locations

23.8. Famous organist Cameron Carpenter to perform with the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra at the closing of the Festival

7.8. International Piano Workshop of renowned pianist Maria João Pires gathers young talents

13.7. Josip Pino Trostmann's birthday exhibition Dubrovnik from Sveti Jakov with Two Palm Trees

12.7. Ivan Krpan's recital rescheduled to 28 July

4.7. 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival Begins

20.6. Dance show Cartoon for children and families

13.6. Renaissance Garden in the Bunić-Kaboga Summer Villa

6.6. Vocal music over the centuries in Bunić-Kaboga Summer Villa

5.6. Inside Out with I.N.K. Experiment, robot orchestra, and Chui

4.6. The Festival wins EU funding for a two-year heritage project

14.3. Research-Performing Project of Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts has begun 

2.2. 69th Dubrovnik Summer Festival Programme Presented 

Press releases / 2017.

26.8. Orlando Award giving ceremony and Gala Concert at the end of the 68th Festival

25.8. 72 programmes have been successfully performed in 16 site-specific venues

14.8. Victory Over the Enemies will premiere on Sunday

13.8. One more Linđo Folklore Ensemble performance at the 68th Festival

12.8. Renowned young guitarist Srđan Bulat in the Rector's Palace

5.8. Goran Filipec's recital dedicated to Franz Liszt on August 8

4.8. The Glembay World for the First Time at the Festival

22.7. Cello and Guitar Harmony by Monika Leskovar and Petrit Çeku at the 68th Festival

24.7. The secret of Lokrum's Orlando is in metamorphosis

23.7. „La Bottega del caffè“ at the Festival again

19.7. Hit Play „Three Winters“ this weekend in Gradac Park

17.7. Quartet for the End of Time to be performed in the Rector's Palace Atrium

17.7. „The Birds“ choreographed by Edward Clug at Revelin Fort Terrace

14.7. Stefan Milenkovich returns to the Festival

13.7. Romantic Ballet Nights at Park Gradac

11.7. Exciting Festival Summer Has Started!


Press releases / 2016.

22.8. Orlando Award winner Henshel Quartett at 67th Festival

22.8. Yury Favorin for the closure of the "Key to the Future" program

21.8. More youthful freshness to 67th Festival bring virtuosi Semenenko and Firsova 

20.8. The recital of young Russian pianist in Rector's Palace

17.8. Great applause for Aljoša Jurinić in Rector's Palace

17.8. Philippe Entremont returns to the Festival

16.8. Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra with guest soloists performs in Rector's Palace 

16.8. „Antigone – 2000 years later“ tonight at Dubrovnik Summer Festival

16.8. BADco. performed The Stranger at Dubrovnik Summer Festival

15.8. Violinist Stephen Waarts and pianist Andrey Gugnin in Rector's Palace

12.8. Acclaimed „The Stranger“ project by BADco. on Monday at Revelin Fort

11.8. Young pianist Andrew Tyson returns to the Festival this year as well 

10.8. Presentation of „Pavo Urban's War Diary“ on Saturday

10.8. Ivo Pogorelić performed in Rector's Palace in front of large audience

8.8. Premiere screening of short film Magda Mozarka

7.8. Six dancers between dream and reality 

7.8. Maestro Ivo Pogorelich's piano recital in Rector's Palace Atrium 

6.8. Indian dancer Sneha Bharadwaj to perform on the Revelin Fort terrace 

6.8. „La bottega del caffè“ 

3.8. Rehearsals for Othello at Lovrjenac Fort have started 

27.7. Violinist Davide Alogna and pianist Alexander Frey to perform on Friday 

24.7. World Premiere of 4 seasons for 3 pianos at 67th Dubrovnik Summer Festival

21.7. Piano recital by Enrique Bátiz in Pridvorje on Saturday

20.7. "Dubrovnik Cycle" by Tihomir Lončar in Sponza Palace

10.7. Gala Concert with José Cura in front of St. Blaise’s Church

8.7. Opening Ceremony of the 67th Dubrovnik Summer Festival on Sunday


Press releases / 2015.

25.8. Tyson's Impressive Performance at the Festival

25.7. Slovenian Octet in the Rector's palace atrium under the candle light

20.7. Italian musicans preformance followed by ovations

19.7. Clarinetist Sobrino and pianist Moretti in the Rector's Palace atrium 

16.7. Troubadour spirit brought to life - ovations for Klapa Kaše and guests

11.7. 66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival Opened in Gala Ceremony

5.3. The first collaboration between the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Orsula Park

2.2. Preliminary Programme of the 66th Dubrovnik Summer Festival Presented


Press releases / 2014.

21.10. Blend of art and technology awarded

26.8. 65th Festival closed with Opera Gala program

25.8. 65th Dubrovnik Summer Festival in numbers

25.8. 79 programs successfully performed on 17 locations

25.8. Jazz diva Nnenna Freelon charms Festival audience

24.8. A cheerful homage to the Baroque for this year's last concert in the Rector's Palace

23.8. Opera Gala with star singers for the closing of the 65th Festival

23.8. Hornist Radovan Vlatković once again impresses with his virtuosity

22.8. Jazz diva Nnenna Freelon to perform on Fort Revelin terrace on Sunday

22.8. Second concert of Dubrovnik Symphonic Orchestra with guests

21.8. Classicism, Romanticism & Lyricism with Radovan Vlatković

21.8. Premiere of "Dangerous Liaisons" followed by ovations

20.8. "Portraits from the Festival" by Ivo Grbić to be displayed in the Sponza palace

20.8. Ivo and Vinko Brešan closed the programme “Writers on the Festival”

19.8. First Performance of Ballet “Dangerous Liaisons” To Take Place on Bošković Square on Wednesday

19.8. Guest Performance of Ulysses Theater’s “King Lear” in Dubrovnik

18.8. Ivo and Vinko Brešan as Part of the “Writers at the Festival“ Programme 

17.8. Vidić’s “At the Pearly Gates” as Part of the Programme “Writers at the Festival” Will Take Place Tonight 

17.8. Awarded Comedy – Drama “We are the Best“ Tonight in the Jadran Open-air Cinema 

17.8. Two More Linđo Folklore Ensemble Performances Left Until the Festival's Closing

17.8. Blend of Three Guitars and Mezzo-Soprano Thrills Festival Audience 

16.8. Ovations for Gazarov and His Blend of Classical and Jazz Music  

15.8. An Evening with Mezzo-soprano Renata Pokupić and the Dubrovnik Guitar Trio in the Rector's Palace

14.8. Improvisations Based on Bach and Chopin to Be Performed by Pianist David Gazarov 

14.8. Arsen Dedić Earns Ovations in the Rector’s Palace 

14.8. Presentation of the Scientific Monograph “Dubrovnik Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary” 

13.8. An Evening with Arsen Dedić in the Rector’s Palace 

13.8. Ballet Lovers Enjoy Delightful Evening on Revelin Fort Terrace 

12.8. “Dangerous Liaisons” to Premiere on Bošković Square 

 11.8. The Most Beautiful Classical and Contemporary Ballet Fragments on Fort Revelin  

9.8. Thriller-drama “Tom on the Farm” in the Slavica Open-air Theatre

9.8. Free Projection of the Film Collage “65 Years of Uncle Maroje at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival”

8.8. “The Old Dubrovnik Language” Attracts Numerous Audience 

8.8. Second Drama Premiere Sold Out 

8.8. Linđo to Present Croatian Folklore Pageantry on Revelin 

6.8. “Uncle Maroje“ Premieres on Saturday on Držić Square

6.8. "The Old Dubrovnik Language" in Sponza

6.8.  “Bravo!” Exclamations from Audience for Concerto de' Cavalieri’s Performance of “Erminia”

4.8. Tartini Quartet Celebrating 30th Anniversary 

4.8. Monograph of the Great Neva Rošić Presented Last Night 

4.8. “Paganini on Flute” to Perform Bach in the Rector’s Palace

3.8. “War Diary” to Be Presented in the Aquarium on National Thanksgiving Day 

2.8. Impressive Reconstruction of Early Baroque French Sacred Music  

2.8. Scarlatti's  Serenade “Erminia” Will Be Performed By Concerto de' Cavalieri 

2.8. Representing the Monograph of the Great Neva Rošić 

1.8. Croatian Baroque Ensemble – “L’Amour Tendre, L’ Amour Cruel”

1.8. Evening of French Sacral Music from the Time of the Sun King 

1.8. Extraordinary Concert with Four Tubas and a Trumpet Thrills Audience 

28.7. Lado's Imposing Dance Repertoire Traditionally Presented at the Festival

27.7. Wagner, Tchaikovsky and Dvořák to Be Performed by the Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra on Ruđer Bošković Square 

26.7. Premiere of “Romeo i Juliet“ Earns Standing Ovation from Audience in Skočibuha

24.7. Musical Minimalism Performed by Pianist Bojan Gorišek  

19.7. Jazziana Croatica on Mount Srđ on 21st July 

18.7. Italian pianist Andrea Padova in the Rector's Palace

18.7. Bachorkestra in the Rector's Palace – a Concert That Will Be Remembered 

13.7. A Farce and a Comedy To Start Off the Drama Programme

13.7. Ovations for Kesselyák and the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra 

12.7. Ovations for Sudar Percussion and Matej Meštrović

12.7. Festival hosting “Timon of Athens“ on 20th and 21st July

9.7. Opening Ceremony Dress Rehersal takes place tonight at midnight

7.7. 65th Dubrovnik Summer Festival 

Piano recital by Enrique Bátiz in Pridvorje on Saturday

Pianist Martina Filjak along with Felix Klieser on horn and Andrej Bielow on violin will hold a concert on Thursday 12 August in the Rector’s Palace atrium at 9.30pm. On the programme are pieces for piano, horn and violin by Duvernoy, Schumann, Dukas, Wieniawski and Brahms.


The evening of music as performed by the trio of top European musicians will include a select repertoire of piano, horn and violin pieces with the Trio Nr. 1 for Piano, Horn and Violin in c- minor opening the concert. Composed by the horn music pioneer Frédéric Duvernoy, Trio No.1 is a lively composition influenced by the Vienna classic. Next is Robert Schumann’s Adagio and Allegro op. 70 for Horn and Piano which calls for master musicianship and use of the entire instrument range. Also requiring great musical ability is Paul Dukas’ Villanelle for Horn and Piano which was written as an exam piece for horn students at the Paris Conservatory with numerous technical challenges but spirited melodies. Polish composer and one of the best violinists of his time Henryk Wieniawski himself studied at the Parisian Conservatory and his five-part Faust Fantasy op. 20 will be performed, each part bringing a different mood and concluding in a virtuosic finale. To round off the evening the trio will play Johannes Brahms’ Trio for Horn, Violine and Piano in E flat Major, Op.40, a composition interpreted by music experts as a farewell lament for his late mother and which holds great importance for its novel choice of instruments for the time, it is believed that this Trio has practically started a new kind of music.


Festival favorite Martina Filjak performs as soloist and with leading orchestra and conductors on renowned stages of esteemed concert halls around the world. She received her music education at the Zagreb Academy of Music, the Vienna Conservatory and in the well-known soloist programme in Hanover. Filjak won first prize and a number of special awards at the respected Cleveland International Piano Competition, which was soon followed by her debut at the Konzerthaus Berlin, the Musikverein Vienna and Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall, on the occasion of which her performance was highly praised by The New York Times. Moreover, the acclaimed pianist is also the recipient of highest national musical awards Vladimir Nazor, Milka Trnina and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival’s Orlando award in 2008. Felix Klieser, horn player with whom Filjak will be sharing the stage on Thursday, is an exceptional artist in many aspects, winner of the ECHO Classic prize in the category best young artist and the prestigious Leonard Bernstein Award of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival. Violinist Andrej Bielow is a leading Ukrainian musicians of his generations who has, as a soloist and chamber musician, recorded over 20 albums, collaborated with esteemed international orchestras under the baton of first-rate conductors and has won various awards and prizes. He teaches at the University of Arts in Graz and is a regular visiting teacher at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He regularly gives masterclasses in Europe, Asia and USA. This is the trio’s first performance together in Croatia, and this autumn they will be debuting for German and Swiss audiences.



Tickets are available for purchase at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival website or via ticketing service, and at the box office of the Festival Palace (Od Sigurate 1) every day from 9am to 9.30pm. Tickets will also be available on location two hours before the start of the performance. Ticket prices remain significantly reduced due to the economic situation being impacted by the pandemic, up to 50% lower as was the case last year. Purchases made with Mastercard® and Maestro® cards receive a 10% discount while all purchases and orders over 500HRK offer payment in instalments.



All 72nd Dubrovnik Summer Festival programmes are certified as safe gatherings, meaning the events will be organised according to current rules and recommendations by the national and local Civil Protection Headquarters and the World Health Organization, according to which maintaining physical distance of one seat with compulsory face masks has been deemed sufficient for audiences at low-risk events and the attendees are not obligated to present their EU digital COVID pass.