I Want to Sing a Song: Pocoloca Orchestra

Date created: 03.08.2023.
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Poco Loco Theatre

I Want to Sing a Song: Pocoloca Orchestra

musical theatre event for the whole family, a concert-play


Premiere: June, 2017

Duration: 45 minutes

Director and dramaturge: Renata Carola Gatica

Text, music and arrangement by: Teatar Poco Loco

Cast: Zrinka Kušević, Dunja Fajdić, Maja Katić (vocals); Krunoslav Kobeščak (percussions); Davorka Horvat (accordion, cajón, guitar); Vladimir Novak (trumpet)

Costumes and props by: Renata Carola Gatica and Florencia Troisi

This is a unique event on the current children's theatre repertoire. The six-memeber band introduces themselves to the audiences with the "Unlock, Unlock" song and calls for everyone to join in the musical theatre journey set to the fairy-tale tunes about Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf, Three Piglets, Witch, Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, Ugly Duckling, Princess, Frog, Puss in Boots and other beloved characters. Besides singing, dancing and interacting, children will learn about values such as bravery, honesty, and empathy while having a crazy good time!