Interactive sound installation | Bojan Gagić: HAPPY PLACE

Date created: 21.06.2019.
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In collaboration with Art workshop Lazareti

Bojan Gagić: HAPPY PLACE

Interactive sound installation

The work consists of five autonomous loudspeakers, five floor sensors and the main computer containing the recordings of happy places - locations chosen by the blind residents of Dubrovnik, recorded a couple of days earlier. Each of these sounds is a separate story with site-specific structure, the narrative of which depends on the moment the recording was made.

The overall sound landscapes are formed by movement of people at the site of the installation.

Bojan Gagić’s artistic career started at the end of the 1980s with performances and actions mostly related to the activities of art groups Neue Urform (Sarajevo), Kokowa, Rotor and Clair Obscure (Zagreb). At the end of the 1990s he started working through the MAPA platform (Moving Academy for Performing Arts) on various theatre projects, participating in theatre productions, creating multimedia content and sound and light designs. He collaborated with artist Josip Zanki on a series of projects exploring the relation towards death (Mirila, Encyclopaedia of the Dead, Are You Dead?, How to Explain Fat to Dead Beuys?). He is the author of a large number of exhibitions, installations and performances in Croatia and abroad. He is continuously active in the field of sound art and field recording; he has published poetry in literary magazines and worked as the technical manager of various theatre, film and music festivals. He has composed music for short experimental and animated films, mostly by Croatian authors, and created light and sound designs for various theatre productions. He is also the author of several short experimental films. In collaboration with Miodrag Gladović, he developed the performance technique of luminoacoustics – turning light into sound by using the photovoltaic effect of solar panels. He is the cofounder of the Zagreb platform for new sound expression, Sinelinea. He has won a number of awards for his artistic work.