Jordi Savall & Hespèrion XXI

Date created: 17.01.2024.
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Jordi Savall

Hespèrion XXI


With a repertoire that encompasses the period between the 10th and 18th centuries, Hespèrion XXI searches continuously for new points of union between the East and West, with a clear desire for integration and for the recovery of international musical heritage, especially that of the Mediterranean basin and with links to the New World. The founder of the ensemble is the legendary Jordi Savall, one of the the most versatile musical personalities of his generation, a Grammy winner who has been working for over five decades to rescue valuable musical gems from the obscurity of neglect and oblivion and give them back for all to enjoy. Besides being a tireless researcher of early music, he interprets and performs the repertoire both as a gambist and as a conductor.







Hespèrion XXI (c) Toni Peñarroya

Jordi Savall (c) Geri Born


Generalitat de Catalunya - DepCultura

Institut Ramon