Lada Kaštelan: Waiting for Orestes

Date created: 23.01.2024.
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Croatian National Theatre Varaždin

Lada Kaštelan: Waiting for Orestes

Adapted by: Lada Kaštelan 

Director: Livija Pandur

Premiere: 2024, Varaždinske Toplice (Roman settlement of Aquae Iasae)


After Sophocles' Electra.


In the visiting portion of the anniversary 75th Festival drama programme, the Dubrovnik audience will have the opportunity to see Croatian National Theatre in Varaždin and their latest production Waiting for Orestes based on Sophocles' Electra adapted by Lada Kaštelan and directed by Livija Pandur. Kaštelan and Pandur transform the understanding of the character of Electra and the influence it has not only on the plot of the drama, but also on a new understanding in our time. By examining the different layers of Electra's actions, the importance of female characters in Greek tragedy is pointed out and emphasised. In her work as a dramaturge and director, Livija Pandur has dealt with major topics that touch the very foundations of our civilization. One of her recent directing engagements is the staging of The Penelopiad, a text by the famous author Margaret Atwood, the voice of antiquity in the midst of our contemporary unrest.