LADO | National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia

Date created: 19.01.2024.
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National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia


For seventy-five years, the repertoire of the LADO Ensemble has been shaped by and based on superb choreographic and musical works that interpret the dance, music and clothing heritage of the Croatian hinterlands at an enviable aesthetic, artistic, performance and professional level.

From its rich repertoire, LADO brings to its audience some of the most famous, most performed and always popular numbers - Ladarke - a choreography that represents a kind of "anthem" and trademark of the Ensemble, the Dubrovnik litoral dance Linđo, Krčki tanac, Vrličko kolo and the Bunjevac circle dance, all from the sequence of the unique, anthological choreography by Zvonimir Ljevaković, Ej sviraj Pavo - songs and dances from Baranja, the dynamic Zagorje drmešari, and the impressive wedding dance of Podravina.

Croatia is a world phenomenon in terms of the number of protected intangible cultural assets, which additionally obliges the LADO Ensemble in its mission of preserving and presenting heritage music and dance phenomena. When it comes to Croatia's protected intangible cultural heritage, in this programme we will be able to enjoy the distinctive songs of Međimurje, the silent circle dance from the area of Dalmatian Zagora, the double voice singing of Istria and the Croatian coast, the sounds of bagpipes, lijerica, sopila, dulcimer...

Energetic and inspired performances of the LADO Ensemble, its choreographic creations and stage interpretations that are so close to its origins leave no one indifferent.

Krunoslav Šokac

                                                                                    LADO Ensemble Artistic Director


(c) Petra Slobodnjak