Sudar Percussion | Matej Meštrović, piano

Date created: 22.02.2014.
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Sudar Percussion & Matej Meštrović

Concert (Eat Suite) & Music Documentary (Clash in the Castle) Screening


Matej Meštrović: Eat Suite




Baklava's dance

Creme Brulee


Sarma, Sarma

"Matej Meštrović, along with the Sudar Percussion ensemble created a miracle combination of tasty, lucid and intriguing ingredients, varying from classical, jazz, rock, pop and folk music. Sense of proportion and a careful dosing of spices and ingredients – despite of  eccentricity, hedonism and decadence of its author – are bases of Mestrovic's imaginative, playful and humorous 'suite for gourmets', that is anything but kitsch, ego-tripping or sinking into the nouveau riche profligacy. Truth be told, Matej as a classical pianist proves with his Eat Suite to be cooler than many rockers."

Aleksandar Dragas, Jutarnji list


Directed and written by: Arsen Oremović; Director of photography: Vjekoslav Vrdoljak; Music: Matej Meštrović; Editing: Roman Cernjak/Zorana Rajić; Production: Interfilm/Karpo Media, 2014.

Duration: 36 min

This music documentary speaks about the recording of an album by Matej Meštrović and the Sudar (Clash) Percussion Ensemble in the Castle of Sv. Križ Začretje in Hrvatsko zagorje. While the recording captures the echo bouncing of the castle walls, the piano player and his band playfully create a unique, extraordinary soundtrack for a strange story about the lady of castle, who happens to live like a "pauper" amongst all the exuberance around her. This is a story about music and Matej Meštrović, but also about an indifferent society, absurd neglect of the cultural heritage, expensive personal misjudgements and poor decisions …