Theatre and Music Workshop for Children: From Story to Play | Ivana Đula

Date created: 04.06.2021.
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Theatre and Music Workshop for Children

From Story to Play, 7+

held by Ivana Đula

from 23 August to 3 September 2021

From Story to Play, an original project for children by dramaturge and musician Ivana Đula, consists of a workshop and performance. In the course of the workshop, the children experience all segments of working on a play: reading and dramatisation of the text, defining performance mode, composing music and songs, selecting props, and costume, set and lighting design. The diversity of the concept enables the children to find themselves in activities included in creating a theatre play that may have been unknown to them previously. The focus is shifted from acting, which is usually at the centre of children’s theatre workshops. With this approach, our goal is to include the children in the creative process, provide basic knowledge, tools and opportunity to express themselves through media they find closest to their interests and affinities, and encourage them to create and appreciate the value of their creations. This approach allows the children to express their opinion freely and make their own decisions, while the result presented after the workshop serves as a confirmation of the value of their ideas and their independence, which often remains unacknowledged.

The relevance of this type of workshop lies in collective authorship, since the children become both performers, through guided improvisation, and authors of the final product. By focusing on participative art, we enable them to express their imagination, but also to experience the responsibility of creative work through different artistic media.

The planned duration of the workshop is 10 days (90 minutes a day), while the performance is scheduled for the last day of the workshop. The workshop is intended for children from 7 to 14 years of age.

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