Date created: 10.03.2017.
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Ludwig's Songs


Ensemble “Umberto Giordano” (Italy)

Dino De Palma, violin

Luciano Tarantino, cello

Marco Moresco, piano

Ripalta Bufo, soprano 

Aldo Caputo, tenor

Giampiero Mancini, actor


Music by Ludwig van Beethoven

Story by Francesco Sanvitale



L. van Beethoven: 

“Sunset” – Andante con molta espressione

Song for male voice and Trio

“Thy ship must sail, my Henry dear” – Andante con espressione

Song for female voice and Trio

“Behold my Love” – Grazioso


“Ih mag di nit nehma” – Moderato

Tiroler Lieder for female voice and Trio

“A Madel, ja a Madel” – Allegro moderato

Tiroler Lied for Song for male voice and Trio

“Constancy” – Andante espressivo


Bagatella “Per Elisa” for piano solo – Poco moto

“Da brava Catina” – Allegretto

Venetian song for male voice and Trio

“Una paloma blanca” – Tempo di Bolero

Spanisch song for female voice and Trio

“The golden robe” – Allegretto


Sonata quasi fantasia op. 27 n. 2 “In the moonlight” for piano

I Mouvement: Adagio sostenuto

Sonata op. 13 n. 8 “Pathétique” for piano

II Mouvement: Adagio cantabile

Thema and variations on a melody of “Flauto magico” by Mozart 

for cello and piano

Trio Op. 97 “Archduke”

III Mouvement: Scherzo

Sonata n. 5 op. 24 “Spring Sonata” for violin and piano

I Mouvement: Allegro

“God save the King” – Maestoso con molto spirito


During the story the ensemble “U. Giordano” will play some fragments of symphonic works by Beethoven.


Concert-show which describes an unprecedented profile of Beethoven through the reading of an imaginary letter of his nephew Karl to the English publisher George Thompson, in which he communicates his uncle’s death. The actor, in the place of Beethoven’s nephew, tells the story of Beethoven’s life evocating famous and less known themes of the composer, which are then played by the Ensemble Giordano, in a unique show. 

The performance is mostly concentrated on less known compositions of Beethoven, like his folk songs, but it will also propose to the audience some transcriptions of his most famous works, like symphonic works and some original pieces for piano, violin and cello, to give a complete and sometimes unusual profile of the genius of Bonn. 

The actor Giampiero Mancini will tell the story of fan exceptional life, revealing the suffering of deafness, the unrequited love, the iron discipline of the composer who revolutionized the history of music.


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