“The Old Dubrovnik Language” in Sponza

Date created: 06.08.2014.

The book’s topic focuses on the language of 18th century Dubrovnik, of which there has not been any systematic descriptions, up until now. Namely, the lastly published work on the subject of the language of Dubrovnik belongs to the middle of the past century, to authors who exhaustively analysed the language of both Držić and Gundulić, as well as the language of the Anthology of Nikola Ranjina. However, these analyses refer to the 17th century, whereas the 18th century language, which this book focuses on, has no previous systematic descriptions.  Ivana Lovrić’s research corpus consisted of Dubrovnik-adapted French words, translations of Moliere’s comedies into the Croatian language of that time’s Dubrovnik and a unique phenomenon in the literature of 18th century Dubrovnik. 

Ivana Lovrić Jović has been acting as a scientific fellow assistant at the Institute for Croatian Language and Linguistics for the past 16 years, and this book evolved from her Ph.D. thesis (defended in 2011), of which it is slightly broader. As a scientist of the ICLL, she engages in the history of the Croatian language, the language of Dubrovnik and its Italian influence.  

The book will be presented in the Sponza Palace by the director in the Institute for Croatian Language and Linguistics in Zagreb dr. sc. Željko Jozić, editor Sanja Perić, dr. sc. Katja Bakija and Ivana Lovrić Jović, along with the Theatrical Ensemble Kolarin, which will perform passages from “Matrimonuim” by Josip Lovrić, better known as Jozo Lovrić Jadrijev, who is the author’s father.