Acclaimed pianist Zvjezdan Ružić performs tomorrow on Square under Revelin Fort

Date created: 29.07.2023.

Croatian pianist, composer, and arranger Zvjezdan Ružić will showcase tomorrow, 30 July at 8:30 p.m. the unique Pianotron project in which he plays three instruments at once on the Square under the Revelin Fort as part of the 74th Dubrovnik Summer Festival. The programme is free.

Throughout his enviable career, Zvjezdan Ružić has worked with numerous musicians from different genres and that precious experience combined with his skill, as well as his imagination and courage, led him to create something completely new, the Pianotron, composed of three instruments – a piano, a Mellotron and pedals on which Ružić pre-programmes the sound that he later plays with his foot. Each instrument that he, as impossible as it may sound, plays at once, represents a part of Ružić’s personality. The piano represents knowledge, skill, and wisdom, the Mellotron his playful inner child that plays with notes, and the pedals the one who is constantly searching for something new. The music which Ružić will be playing, from original compositions to his own arrangements of international hits such as ABBA’s Dancing Queen or Michael Jackson’s Beat It, promises to take the audience on a journey through the different facets of the story he tells.

Zvjezdan Ružić is a Croatian pianist, composer and arranger born in Rijeka in 1988. When he was only twenty years old, in addition to his music studies, Ružić started working as an arranger and producer and at the beginning of 2019, he took a sharp turn in his career. Using all his knowledge and experience in performing, arranging, and producing music, he created Pianotron. At the end of the same year, he released his first Pianotron album Delightful F., presenting it on a spectacular concert held on a floating stage on the second lake in Zagreb’s Maksimir Park for some 3000 people. In the spring of last year, he released his second Pianotron album, Inspiration, featuring Croatian diva Josipa Lisac, one of the greatest living Croatian poets, Luko Paljetak, and the world-famous Harlem Gospel Choir from New York. Ružić is a six-time winner of the Croatian Musicians Union Award for Best Jazz Pianist in Croatia and his albums won five prestigious Porin Awards.