All the glory of Croatian folklore to be presented by LADO

Date created: 23.07.2018.

Much respected guest of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia LADO will perform on Tuesday, July 24th, at 9.30 pm on the terrace of Fort Revelin. On this year's performance, all the glory of the Croatian folklore will be shown with dance and song through the new Ideju regruti program.

The Ideju regruti program brings twelve completely new dance choreographies and numbers, three of which have a thematic link to the army, or more precisely the customs associated with the departure of young men into the army. There is Ideju regruti by Ivan Ivančan, by which the program got its name and Za gorami, dolinami that brings songs and dances of the Moravian Croats for the first time at LADO repertoire. Also, there is Simo hote mladenci choreography with fragments from a wedding customs of Turopolje. This new program also bring songs and dances of the island of Cres and Jezera of the island of Murter for the first time at the LADO repertoire.


LADO, the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia, was founded in 1949 in Zagreb as a professional national ensemble, with the aim of researching, artistically interpreting and presenting on stage the most beautiful examples of the rich traditions of Croatian music and dance. The Ensemble has assembled the talents of the most recognized Croatian folklorists, choreographers, folk musicians, composers and conductors who are inspired by Croatia's folk culture. LADO’s imposing repertoire, both choreographically and musically, is respected throughout the world for its authenticity.

The tickets for the performance are available online and at the Box Office in the Festival Palace (Od Sigurate 1), every day from 9 am to 9.30 pm and at location two hours before the start of the performance.