Exhibition ''Horrors of the homeland'' to present Dubrovnik contemporary artists

Date created: 05.08.2018.

The exhibition Horrors of the homeland by the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Art Workshop Lazareti, which will present the works of thirty-three Dubrovnik contemporary artists at six locations, will be open on Tuesday, August 7, at 9 pm at the Sponza Palace. The authors of the exhibition are Srdjana Cvijetić, Helena Puhara and Lucija Vuković, gathered in the Custos work organization Groma.

Dubrovnik artists that will present their artwork are: Anamarija Bezek, Mara Bratoš, Pasko Burđelez, Boris Cvjetanović, Mario Cvjetković, Viktor Daldon, Ivo Dimnić, Marko Ercegović, Marija Grazio, ABS Group, Tina Gverović, heART, Katarina Ivanišin Kardum, Stanko Ivanković, Ivana Jelavić, Stjepo Kaleb, Sven Klobučar, Igor Knezović, Miranda Rako Kuzmanić, Berta Miloš, Maro Mitrović, Ana Opalić, Ivana Pegan Baće, Marijana Pende, Izvor Pende, Luko Piplica, Dario Kulišić, Ana Požar Piplica, Ivana Selmani, Nives Sertić, Slaven Tolj, Ivona Vlašić and Borko Vukosav. Besides the Sponza Palace, their works will be presented at the studio of Izvor Pende (Braće Andrijića 7), next to the Orlando's Column, at the entrance to the Sloboda cinema (Luža), at the cinema Slavica and beneath the stairs of the Dominican Monastery.

Katarina Ivanišin Kardum - Still Landscape 

In the works of these artists, we see complex relationships and forms, from traditional to revolutionary. The exhibition theme goes around the concept of landscapes in contemporary art practices through personalized relationships of the artists with the inevitable 'collision' of the surroundings of the exceptional beauty and the changes and deviations that are hidden behind what it seems to be harmony.  The image of the City is a stigmatized icon, burdened by the glorious past, and, on the other hand, by the misunderstanding of this past as well as the need for modernity.  This exhibition is an opportunity to talk about abandoned present through visual art. The Horrors of the homeland exhibition stands as a small encyclopedia of the problems of one city, or more precisely the City image.

This exhibition presents the fusion of the program for the development of the public of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival – City Keys and programs of the art interventions at the public spaces of the Art workshop Lazareti – The City is dead. Long live the City! The exhibition will stay open until the end of the Festival, August 25. 

Borko Vukosav - No name (from the series Umiruće), photograph