Exhibition "Time Out" at Sponza Palace until the end of the Festival

Date created: 12.08.2020.

"Time Out" is an exhibition of Dubrovnik painter Viktor Daldon, where he presents twelve large-format canvases first time exhibited, created from 2004 to 2020, was opened last night, 11 August in the Sponza Palace Atrium. The exhibition will be on display every day from 9 am to 9 pm until 25 August.

The exhibition was opened by the assistant intendant of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Saša Božić, emphasizing that it is also the end of the exhibition cycle dedicated to contemporary Dubrovnik artists, noting that the exhibition by Ivana Dražić Selmani connects her work among artists gathered around the Art Workshop Lazareti who create contemporary art in Croatia.

For the purposes of the exhibition in the stone environment of Sponza Palace, the artist has selected mostly larger, as yet unexhibited works created in the period from 2004 to 2020; in addition to paintings dominated by black and white, those with prevailing large surfaces of colour are also displayed. The artist sometimes uses templates and wallpaper patterns write uniform letters and completely eliminates the element of a painting by using monochrome surfaces, while sometimes he does just the opposite as he fiercely works the canvas – splattering it with paint, using intense brush movements, painting with his hands, scratching and carving the painting surface. 

- What we really recognize in these paintings is incredible energy, Viktor is often not satisfied with his painting, so in a few years, he completely changes it in the end creates a completely new work. In addition to the use of prints and templates, he uses letters in the fabric of the painting which is the artist’s trademark. And here we can see exhibited three paintings where the letters are actually distorted, we are not able to read them, but the title itself tells us it’s something the author doesn’t want us to see. It even goes so far that it smears them on the back of the canvas, so we never understand what it is about, but we feel that energy, that bad emotion turned into something positive - explained Rozana Vojvoda, the author of the exhibition catalog.

The title of the exhibition, "Time Out", is a reminder of the state of unusual stagnation of the mechanism of everyday life in which we were all immersed until recently, of a forced pause that relativized a number of things, and perhaps opened new perspectives.