Final Performance of “Obscuration” at the Festival Takes Place Tonight

Date created: 24.07.2014.

The final performance of “Obscuration”, the newest project of the Lero Student Theatre directed by Davor Mojaš, who created it according to the notes of Ruđer and Anica Bošković, will take place tonight, 24th July with a start at 9.30 p.m. in the Lazaretto.   

“Obscuration” is another take on the stage questioning of Dubrovnik’s literary and theatrical heritage following “Epitaph”, “The Moth” and “Moonlight for Lady Macbeth”, as well as being a first ever adaptation of a text by Ruđer Bošković and Anica Bošković’s  poems and apparitions in the Croatian theatre. In line with Lero’s recognizable expression, “Obscuration” consists of letters exchanged between Anica and Ruđer, multiple sound recordings, along with lines selected from Ruđer’s “Obscuration of the Sun and Moon”.     

The Lero Student Theater has been active in Dubrovnik since 1968. It has performed at almost every Croatian and other theatrical festival, receiving praise from both national and international critics and audiences for its performances, as well as awards and acknowledgments for its theatrical uniqueness. Lero is a regular guest at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, led by Davor Mojaš, who’s theatrical and director’s opus is specifically connected to the Lero Student Theatre with which he has achieved around 50 plays, 20 author projects and 10 stage programmes.