Golden Apple Award 2015. to Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Date created: 09.07.2015.

Golden Apple Award for 2015. has been awarded to the city of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Summer Festival for their contribution in promoting the historical and cultural heritage of the highest world standards. The prize is awarded by a World Federation of Journalists and Travel Writers (F.I.J.E.T.) and is considered a “tourism Oscar” for caring, protecting and promoting of historical, cultural and natural heritage in tourism development.

Since its founding in 1970, the Golden Apple, for the first time in its existence, has been given to the same city twice – Dubrovnik won this award in 1996 as a solidarity act to attract world’s attention to the city which experienced harsh and tragic moments during the war. This year’s accent is on the Dubrovnik Summer Festival which is considered an internationally renowned drama and music stage and as a place that brings together rich heritage and modern spirit that promote Dubrovnik as Croatian and world famous cultural center.

The Award was presented to the major of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahušić, and the artistic director of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Mladen Tarbuk, by the president of the Federation, Tijani Haddad. The major thanked the Foundation on behalf of all the winners while stating that our city gives its heart to all the visitors, tourists and artists. Tijani Haddad, in his emotional speech, mentioned that todays award belongs to Dubrovnik because it is a city that surpasses the borders of Croatia, it's a city and a touristic destination that is truly a treasure of the world.