Opening Ceremony Dress Rehearsal takes place tonight at midnight

Date created: 09.07.2015.

The scenario of this year's ceremony is signed by Mani Gotovac, while Ivan Miladinov is in charge of the direction. Doris Kristić is assigned to costimography, Dragutin Broz to scenography and Ana Matičević to the light design. Slovenian Philharmonic conducted by Mladen Tarbuk and followed by Dubrovnik Chamber Choir, Academic Singing Choir Pro musica  from Mostar and Libetas choir will make an appearance along with a tenor Domagoj Dorotić who will perform „Nessum dorma“, an aria from Puccini's opera „Turandot“, and a young soprano Sara Žuvela. Ballet soloists from Slovene National  Theatre Maribor - Anton Bogov, Jelena Lečić and Catarina de Meneses - will be joining Festival Drama Ensemble with a fragment from a ballet „Dangerous Liaisons“, among Dubrovnik's children. Pixel Design Studios, a team of 3D graphics, created intricate projections that will be displaying the archive materials from entire 65 years of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. These are, as well, going to be shown at the dress rehearsal.

 Another rehearsal of the Opening ceremony was held last night, July 8th, in front of St. Blaise's Church. However, the Opening Ceremony's Dress Rehersal is a higly anticipated, traditional event that occurs every year, attracting a large local crowd to the bleachers in front of St Blaise's Church, which gathers to welcome a new season of the Festival.