Exhibition Opening: LAUBA IN SPONZA PALACE - Fascinations

Date created: 24.05.2019.
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Exhibition Opening



Lauba is a house for people and art that produces contemporary, cultural and urban contents. Lauba is the first protected monument of the city of Zagreb, which was successfully transformed into a contemporary exhibition space, that became a laboratory for experiments in contemporary culture and a platform for presentation of Croatian cultural production and a mediator in the dissemination of innovative cultural and artistic programs, both Croatian and international. With more than 30 000 visitors annually, Lauba is an exhibition space, cinema, performance stage, concert hall, lecture hall, classroom... in a word - "a playground" for contemporary culture and urban audience.

The exhibition FASCINATIONS brings together seven contemporary artists represented by Lauba: Gordana Bakić, Marija Ujević Galetović, Duje Jurić, Alem Korkuta, Kristijan Kožul, Đuro Seder and an artistic duo from New York TARWUK. Work by Siniša Majkus, Red Rock, will also be exhibited.

The concept of the exhibition focuses on the diversity of artistic approaches of the presented artists. The exhibition FASCINATIONS seeks to show their distinctiveness and authenticity, and the diversity of their artistic language, artistic attitude - their artistic fascination. For some of them, art means pushing the boundaries of different media and exploring spatial structures, for others initial aspiration to seek what is closest to us, and for some an attempt to preserve the durability of the ephemeral.


Exhibition will be open until 15 August –  from 18:00 till 21:00.