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Date created: 04.06.2021.
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Harlequin Art Collective

The ensemble Harlequin Art Collective is composed of Marta Schwaiger, Dani Bošnjak, Šimun Matišić, Stjepan Vuger and Alan Bošnjak. Their instruments are voice, vibraphone and several other percussion instruments, accordion, flute and trombone or, to be more precise flutes and trombones, since the flutist Dani Bošnjak and his brother, the trombonist Alan Bošnjak, use instruments that vary in size and register. The soprano Marta Schwaiger and the percussionist Šimun Matišić are also siblings, while the young conductor Stjepan Vuger, the ensemble’s accordionist, has been a part of their artistic family for a long time. They formed the ensemble three years ago to undertake a very serious and demanding artistic project – rehearse, perform and record three vocal cycles for voice and piano by Olivier Messiaen: Poèmes pour Mi (‘Poems for Mi’), Chants de Terre et de Ciel (‘Songs of Earth and Heaven’) and Harawi: Chants d'amour et de mort (‘Harawi: Songs of Love and Death’). The first cycle was arranged for voice and orchestra by Messiaen himself, while Šimun Matišić took on a seemingly impossible mission to arrange all three cycles for their ensemble and instruments.

(Branimir Pofuk, Večernji list)

Programme notes by Dina Puhovski are available here. 

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