Exhibition Opening | JOSIP PINO TROSTMANN

Date created: 01.02.2018.
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Josip Pino Trostmann: Dubrovnik seen from Sveti Jakov with two palm trees 


Josip Pino Trostmann was born in Dubrovnik on 9 June 1938. Already at the age of ten he started attending the school of portrait organised by the renowned painter Ivo Dulčić. In 1963 he completed his painting studies at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in the class of professors Đ. Tiljak and I. Režek. The same year he became member of the Croatian Association of Artists. From 1968 until his retirement he thought numerous artists, many of whom now have well established careers.

He has had about one hundred representative solo exhibitions in Croatia and abroad and he has also participated in numerous prestigious collective exhibitions.