I. Vojnović: Equinox

Date created: 03.02.2015.
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Festival Drama Ensemble

Ivo Vojnović: Equinox

Subtitled in English via Vip script app  
Transfer boats from Old City Port take off at 8:30 pm and 8:50 pm.

Premire held on 4th August 2004 at the 55th Dubrovnik Summer Festival and was awarded the Best Play and three other awards by the Croatian Dramatic Artists Association


Directed by: Joško Juvančić

Set designed by: Marin Gozze

Asisstents to Director: Ante Vlahinić, Srđana  Šimunović

Light designed by: Deni Šesnić

Music by: Luka Kunčević

Costume designed by: Ingrid Begović

Stage manager: Virginija Bolfek


Festival Drama Ensemble  

Frano Dražić: Kruno Šarić

Niko Marinović: Maro Martinović

Ivo Ledinić: Nikša Kušelj

Pavo: Frano Mašković

Vlaho, the blind man: Branimir Vidić

Toni, the boy-servant: Petar Puljić

Parok: Hrvoje Sebastijan

Grave digger Antun: Zdeslav Čotić

Anica, Frano's : Nika Burđelez

Jele Ivo's mother: Doris Šarić- Kukuljica

Kata, Pavo's wife: Izmira Brautović

Marija the post-teller: Srđana Šimunović

Lucija: Perica Martinović

The old sailor: Nikša Butijer

Three young man | Andro Perović: Romano Nikolić, Vicko Lise: Robert Bošković, Marko Vojvodić: Nikole Baće

Women: Jasna Held, Marijeta Radić, Romana Popović

Dockyard workers: Ante Vlahinić, Maro Drobnić

Sailor on cliffs: Orsat Bonić

Children: Mateo Pleša, Niko Kovačić, Mihael Vidoš, Nea Martinović,Lukrecija Đanović, Mia  Baralić  i Orsat Brautović


Staged on the southern rocks of the Island, the play Equinox is a highlight of Dubrovnik’s site-specific theatre.

In his Equinox, following a recognisable and often employed plot, Vojnović bings the main character, Ivo, who is in love with Anica, the daughter of a sea captain Frano Dražić, to the stage: a small port in the vicinity of Dubrovnik in the year 186*. The main obstacle for their love is Anica's father, who intends to marry his daughter for a rich man who has just returned from America, Niko Martinović. Ivo's Mother, Jele, has a secret. Niko Martinović is her only love and Ivo's father, who abandoned her a long time ago. She is determined to ask him to "give her back her honour" and "give the name" to his illegitimate son. However, she soon gives up her determination, as well as the shadows of the past. She helps the young couple to trick both Anica's greedy father and the undestined “old bridegroom”, Ivo's father. Yet, the Equinox is also a story about the commoners who become tragic characters in the play of symbolic guidelines, in which the turbulences in nature (the equinox storms) coincide with the turbulences in one's soul, with the trivial, everyday things becoming tragically serious and contemporary.