Premiere | Federico García Lorca: Blood Wedding

Date created: 22.03.2022.
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Festival Drama Ensemble

Federico García Lorca: BLOOD WEDDING

subtitled in English


Director: Franka Perković Gamulin

Dramaturge: Goran Ferčec

Text adaptation based on Ivana Gomez's translation: Franka Perković Gamulin, Goran Ferčec

Set designer: Igor Vasiljev

Costume designer: Doris Kristić

Composers: Mojmir Novaković, Ivo Letunić

Lighting designerElvis Butković

Stage movement: Matija Ferlin

Assistant director: Toma Serdarević

Assistant costume designer: Linda Mihaliček

Stage manager: Roko Grbin


Mother: Jadranka Đokić

Fiancée: Lana Meniga

Fiancé: Luka Knez

Mother in law/Beggar Woman: Ksenija Marinković

Leonardo: Nikola Baće

Leonardo's wife: Iva Kraljević

Fiancée's father/the MoonNikša Butijer

Maid: Tanja Smoje

Choirmaster: Mojmir Novaković

Choir, the Neighbour, Girls, Boys, Woodcutters, wedding guests: Jelica Čučević, Maro Drobnić, Tonći Đurković, Marko Capor, Ivo Letunić, Tajana Martić, Mara Metković, Vanesa Vidaković Natrlin


The highlight of this year’s drama programme is the first staging of F.G. Lorca’s 1933 cult drama Blood Wedding at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. The plot of Lorca’s tragedy takes place in a rural environment in the first half of the 20th century, but the piece eludes any kind of temporal determination due to the universality of the story it is based on. The characters are victims of their own passions and inevitability of their wrong choices or tragic destinies. A double curse is upon them: within the confines of their social class, passion remains their only space of freedom, even at the cost of damnation or death. 

Blood Wedding is directed by the renowned director Franka Perković Gamulin, known to Dubrovnik audiences for her staging of Tomislav Zajec’s Saved in 2010. 


To learn more about the play, click here.

Photo (c) Marko Ercegović