Dubrovačke ljetne igre
Dubrovnik Summer Festival
10/7 - 25/8 2024

Cristina Aguilera Flamenco Trio | Tarab flamenco show

22. August / Thursday / 21:30h
Revelin Fort Terrace
Cristina Aguilera Flamenco Trio | Tarab flamenco show

Cristina Aguilera Flamenco Trio

TARAB flamenco show

Cristina Aguilera dancer

David Caro guitar

Miguel Lavia voice

As the festival reaches the final days of the 75th season, the atmosphere will be set ablaze by the stunning Andalusian rhythms of flamenco with the 'Tarab' show arriving on the Revelin fort terrace. The title of the show comes from the Arabic name for the state of ecstasy, rapture or enchantment that occurs when someone connects with music and immerses themselves in its energy.The best of the flamenco tradition is brought by the Cristina Aguilera Flamenco Trio - cantaor (flamenco singer) Miguel Lavi, David Caro, with his toque, or guitar playing skill, and bailaora (flamenco dancer) Cristina Aguilera, a powerful performer with powerful rhythm and expressive movement.


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