Moretti, Roberto | piano

Date created: 09.07.2015.
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Pianist Roberto Moretti graduated with first-class honours in music didactics and the piano from the Vincenzo Bellini Conservatory in Palermo, and pursued his music studies at the Milan Music Academy under Maestro V. Balzani. He has attended master classes by world renowned music pedagogues such as Toradze, DeFusco, Feninger, Thioller, LaLicata, Ursuleasa, Tansky, Perticaroli, Gadijev, Ciccolini, De Maria, Caroli, Attardi, Lisi and La Scola. From 1996 on, he has won numerous national and international competitions including The City of Palermo Competition, the Benedetto Albanese Competition, the European Competition in Venice, the Schumann Competition and the Seiler Competition, appearing as a soloist or member of a chamber ensemble. From 1996, he has performed extensively at home and abroad with orchestras such as the Bulgarian Philharmonic conducted by Valentin Doni. As a soloist, piano accompanist, or pianist in a chamber ensemble, he has performed in more than 400 concerts all over the world. Worth mentioning is his recent tour of The Caribbean (Miami, Jamaica, Mexico, the Cayman Islands, Gran Turk), and his concerts in Gozo and Sankt Petersburg. Moretti attended a master class conducted by Maestro La Scola at the prestigious Mercin University in Turkey, where he was presented the Rector's Award.

Roberto Moretti has worked with world-known opera singers including Marcello Giordani, Marcello Lippi, Renato Bruson, Vincenzo La Scola, Bruna Baglioni and  Giovanna Casolla, as well as with symphonic orchestras such as the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra when he appeared in a double role, that of an assistant conductor and a pianist in Benjamin Britten opera Noah's Flood, conducted by Maestro Scilipoti during the Easter Week in the town of Monreale.

He was also engaged at the Vincenzo Bellini Music Conservatory in Palermo as an accompanist at master classes, a choirmaster and a pianist in the performing arts, orchestra, singing and vocal chamber music departments.

Roberto Moretti has collaborated with major theatre houses such as the Teatro Massimo of Palermo, the Palermo Symphony Orchestra, the Teatro Politeama, the Teatro Bellini of Catania, the Teatro della Fortuna of Fano, the Teatro Goldoni of Livorno, the Teatro del Giglio of Lucca, the Teatro Sociale of Rovigo, the Macao Festival, the Hong Kong Theatre and the Coccia Theatre of Novara.

He currently works as a collaborator and assistant at the Teatro Verdi management in Pisa, and as artistic adviser at the Macedonian  Opera and Ballet in Skopje.