Franciscan monastery of St. Blaise, Pridvorje

Date created: 04.02.2016.
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Monastery of St. Blaise


Franciscan monastery of St. Blaise was founded in 1429. after the region of Konavle became part of Dubrovnik Republic. Construction of the monastery lasted through the 15th century. The monastery is located below the Rector’s Palace, the seat of Dubrovnik’s Prince in this part of the Dubrovnik Republic. The church has been restored and consecrated in 1822. There is also a wooden cross, the work of sculptor Juraj Petrović, created in the mid 15th c. At the main altar there is the altarpiece of Celestin Medović from 1880. Plane tree in front of the monastery is planted in 1810.

Enrique Bátiz, piano

23. July 2016./ Saturday / 21:30